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Strategic Audit of Caterpillar Corporation - Research Paper Example

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In the paper “Strategic Audit of Caterpillar Corporation” the author analyzes strategic objectives of Caterpillar Inc. He provides a business model, which helps in driving superior results and in maximizing business life cycle benefits by developing enhanced systems.
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Strategic Audit of Caterpillar Corporation
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Extract of sample "Strategic Audit of Caterpillar Corporation"

Download file to see previous pages The long term strategic goals of the company are along there different dimensions of Superior results, best team and global leadership. The company aims to achieve superior result which results in the fact that the company is regarded as a solid long term investment venture which gives shareholder return of the top 25% of the companies listed in S&P 500. The company also has a goal of having the best team. The team should be comprised of people who enjoy a work place characterized by features such as safe and inclusive. The company also wants to ensure that the customers of the company should be more successful with the company than with their competitors.  PoliciesThe values of the company are put to action through different activities. The company ensures integrity by delivering what they promise, being trust worthy and fair, and not influencing or getting influenced by others. In order to achieve excellence the company has in place the Caterpillar production system and 6 sigma.  In order to be sustainable the company gives products and services which are sustainable, and devote time and resources to sustainability. The company also focuses on team work and commitment in order to achieve the long term vision of the company.  Opportunities and Threats on External Environment 1. Natural physical EnvironmentCaterpillar Corporation Inc. is an American company that manufactures, designs, sells and markets different product segments including financial products, machinery, insurance and engines to customers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Strategic Audit of Caterpillar Corporation Research Paper.
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