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The business will focus on small-scale activities and it will be named Joparadise Flower Shop. The Joparadise Flower Shop will be located in Guildford in the United Kingdom. The specific location…
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Develop a business idea
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Download file to see previous pages However, Joparadise Flower Shop intends to do things differently to create a strong customer base and meet their needs and expectations. Therefore, the Joparadise Flower Shop will demonstrate expertise in flower arrangement and give clients great offers (Chadwick 2015, p. 62). The flower shop will focus on fresh cut flowers as well as the artificial ones and focus on occasions such as birthdays, weddings, funerals, debuts, anniversaries and other special occasions. The Joparadise Flower Shop will give its esteemed customers special offers and discounts.
As mentioned above, Joparadise Flower Shop intends to do things differently. Therefore, the business will exhibit expertise in creating unique flower arrangement for customers while offering them quality flowers at reasonable prices (Daniel 2004, p. 54). Flowers by Rosemary offers expensive deals and the Joparadise Flower Shop will offer quality at a reduced price. Moreover, the Joparadise Flower Shop will combine both cut and artificial flowers in order to have a diverse customer base (Desch 2011, p. 34). Without a doubt, the Joparadise Flower Shop flower shop will surpass the expectations of customers.
A close analysis of the market reveals that Joparadise Flower Shop can focus on males between the age of 20 and 60 who are likely to buy flowers for different occasions. Some of the identified occasions are weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, valentines, funerals, and other special occasions ( 2015, p. 4). Women are also potential customers, especially for funerals and anniversaries. Individuals who buy flowers are more likely to belong to the middle or upper-class society with high incomes. Therefore, they can spare a part of their income and invest in expensive flowers (Flower shops braces for busy season, 2015, p. 23). Mostly, men who purchase flowers are either married, engaged, or on committed relationships. For this reason, they are likely to buy flowers for their ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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