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This is the driving force behind the formation of Marketplace Chaplains, who issue mental and emotional support for the human resource available at the…
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Article Discussion
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Depression and stress within a company presents a challenge to the coordination of responsibilities within the organization. This is the driving force behind the formation of Marketplace Chaplains, who issue mental and emotional support for the human resource available at the disposal of companies (
The major cause of depression and stress amongst employees is in the management styles employed by the managers. According to the Theory X management approach, the workers require supervision to guarantee their productivity. This theory assumes that employees dislike their duties, and obligate the management to supervise and punish employees. Nonetheless, this management technique terrorizes the employees, as intimidation is a recipe for short-term results. In contrast, the Theory Y bases its management style on the assumption that work is a source of satisfaction given that employees willingly chose to devote their mental and physical abilities to the company.
Depraved leaders are characterized by self-centered approach towards management. These leaders exhibit intelligence and high rates of success. Despite this, these leaders undermine prudent organizational behavior of embracing unity and teamwork in the decision-making processes. Through their attitude, depraved leaders practice intolerance, a trait that does not give room for recognition of the inferior groups. Therefore, the current nature of business does not consider intolerance as a component of success. Moreover, globalization and corporate social responsibility are the current trends that define the success of an organization. With depraved leaders, organizations risk the chance of failure as employee motivation plays a critical role in embracing diversity and ensuring continuity within the organization. Read More
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