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Conventional resumes, which are printed on paper, serve the purpose of providing a summary of an individual’s skills, abilities, and their different accomplishments. In this case, resumes serve the purpose of advertising an individual quickly on whom they are, based on their…
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SRD Assignment
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Dan Wang SRD - Assignment Purpose of the Website Conventional resumes, which are printed on paper, serve the purpose of providing a summary of an individual’s skills, abilities, and their different accomplishments. In this case, resumes serve the purpose of advertising an individual quickly on whom they are, based on their skills, abilities, and accomplishments. In a similar way, a website resume will present my skills, abilities, and different accomplishments albeit in a more detailed manner than the conventional resume. In addition, it will provide me with an online presence and help me capture and arouse interest from potential employers with my competencies, which could secure me an interview.
Website Audience
While a resume website provides me with the potential of targeting any web user, the website targets potential employees. In particular, my resume website targets employers in the business sector since my competencies are suited to this specific job environment.
Message to be communicated by the Resume Website
The resume website will provide me with the creative freedom that I need to express my personality, which is not possible through the conventional resume. In this case, I will ensure that every detail of the website from my bio to the design option I select says something about me and communicates my personality to potential employees. Besides, every detail of the website will pass the message that I take my career seriously.
Information the Website will Communicate
The different categories of information will start with the homepage. On this category, I will provide my extended professional summary. The other category will include the resume category, which will communicate the specifics of my resume with different subcategories such as my work experience, education qualifications, and skills. The website will also inform the target audience of the different ways in which they could connect with me either via a social networking site or through email.
Functions of the Website
First, the resume website communicates my competencies and background to potential employees. Besides, it provides a record of accomplishment of my life, and the activities that I have engaged in that would help me fit in the job market and help an organization achieve its objectives. The resume website will also control my branding. While a resume presents an excellent opportunity to present my experiences, it fails to provide an opportunity for presenting a future that I would want hiring managers to see. Therefore, the resume website will present me as a brand, and not just presenting me as who I was, but whom I envisage on becoming.
Other Requirements
The website resume will also include my philosophy on life. In addition, the ‘about me’ section will include an ‘impossible list’ category. This category is not a bucket list, but it includes things that I will do when I want to feel challenged.
Overall, the resume website will be informative in a manner that showed, rather than told, my skills. The site will provide a set of evidence in a manner that gave a much more dynamic sense of what I could offer my employer. In addition, the website will help me achieve the objective of controlling my branding and show the person I want to become, and not just present my experiences to potential employees. Read More
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