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National and International Ethics - Patent Rights - Assignment Example

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Yes. Sometimes, a company should forego the economic advantage provided by the patent right law. Notably, the aspect of social responsibility demands placing the common interests of the people ahead of the profit maximization. In this case of Bayer, it is factual that they…
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National and International Ethics - Patent Rights
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Download file to see previous pages 2. The Bayer should have actually not made any follow up whether its patent rights are being infringed. In this case, it was a matter of medical urgency and since the company was unable to meet the demand, it is ethical that they allow other players to come in. in this case, the Bayer should not have followed its own credo more than it seemingly did
3. It was ethical for the Bayer to threaten litigation against those thwarting its patent right. In this case, the company would have been coerced to allow other companies to manufacture similar drugs. In this case, it would have been unethical for Bayer to prevent other from manufacturing.
4. It was unethical for United States and Canada to change laws that contravenes the intellectual property rights of the Bayer Company. The best approach they would have used is to get into negotiations with the company so that they agree on the modality to solve the stalemate. As such, the two countries would have invoked the international ethical standards against the Bayer.
5. International Code of Ethics would have been the best channel to resolve this stalemate. In this case, the Bayer would have been requested to donate some of its patent right to other companies to manufacture the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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