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Silk Road Business in China - Coursework Example

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The paper "Silk Road Business in China" analyzes Silk Road’s long history, its crucial role in economic, cultural and social aspects and to highlight grounds of this ancient business prosperity. The Silk Road system has simply fallen into desuetude; its story is far from coming to an end…
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Silk Road Business in China
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Download file to see previous pages The Silk Route, a connection of trading roads building bridges between Eastern and Southeastern Asia and Central Asia, Southwestern Asia, India and northern Europe, actively blossomed from about 100 BCE to 1450, has encouraged two eras of thorough academic research. The first era covers a phase of fewer than fifty years up to the early1930s, whilst a consistency of European along with those coming Japan, and American scholars, working basically in China revealed a large amount of the ancient areas and artefacts of the Silk Road (Hansen 2010). The other era started to take the pulse in the 1980s due to a huge quantity of technological, geopolitical, cultural issues along with the emerging History of the New World as a subject of study. That very period of enchantment with the Road phenomena has been followed by not only a topic of both studied and popular researches along with numerous products in another media sources and apart from that in growing interest among scholars of the magnitude, coverage, and overall remarkable place of the Silk Road taking into account both China and the history in general.
The definition of this trade route introduced to western civilization as the `Silk Road is slightly deceptive. First of all, no single itinerary was chosen; across the central part of Asia, many diversified branches evolved, going through different oasis habitations (Hansen 2010). The roads all started from the territory of Changan, continued in the corridor of Gansu, and got at the border of the Dunhuang and Taklimakan. The north route afterwards went across Yumen Guan and went across the part of the Gobi desert directly to Hami prior to reaching the mountains of Tianshan going around the periphery of the Taklimakan to the north. It managed to pass through the main oasis before reaching Kashgar, right at the bottom of the Pamirs. The road of the south flourished at Dunhuang, going across the borders of the desert, passing through Miran, Hetian and Shache consequently turning north once again in order to see another road sited at Kashgar. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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