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It is a combination of websites with the commonality of publishing information pertaining to human resource surveys, training, research, employment law, etc. ( par. 1).
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Principles of Management . Discussion Board # 6
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HRM Guide Question What is the HRM Guide? HRM Guide refers to an independent publisher of content relating to human resource management. It is a combination of websites with the commonality of publishing information pertaining to human resource surveys, training, research, employment law, etc. ( par. 1).
Question 2.Select and summarize an article on work/life balance under the "Employee Relations" HR topic.
Telecommuting better than office working
A telecommuter is an individual who works from home by the use of an electronic linkup with a central office. Research shows that this kind of arrangement offers more job satisfaction than an office setting even when it requires more working hours than the office. The main reason for this observation is the level of freedom and flexibility that telecommuting offers. The worker does not feel any pressure to perform but imposes discipline on themselves to accomplish tasks, thus more fulfilling.
More than flexibility, telecommuting has an advantage of being cost effective. It saves costs for the employer in that he does not have to invest in brick and mortar structures. Additionally, many operational costs are alleviated, such as supervision etc. The employee, on the other hand, may save on costs such as transport or even food expenses sometimes. However, care must be taken to ensure the employee is not detached from the office programs such as promotions, team buildings and other activities that may require his or her material presence.
Question 3. Identify two other Web Site to which the HRM Guide can refer you.
The above-mentioned website publishes articles and features with particular emphasis on psychological research and theory
The above-mentioned website publishes articles and features on careers, recruitment, and human resource development.
Works Cited About HRM Guide. N.p., 2015. Web. 16 Apr. 2015. Read More
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