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Motel 6 San Francisco #4330 has six competing firms within its region: Fairmont Heritage Place ( luxury), Joie De Vivre Carlton( upper upscale), Courtyard Downtown(upscale), Holiday inn Golden Gateway(upper midscale) and Rode-way Inn(economy). The companies have strong brand…
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Competitive Set Analysis
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Competitive Set Analysis Analysis Motel 6 San Francisco #4330 has six competing firms within its region: Fairmont Heritage Place luxury), Joie De Vivre Carlton( upper upscale), Courtyard Downtown(upscale), Holiday inn Golden Gateway(upper midscale) and Rode-way Inn(economy). The companies have strong brand names due to their vast experiences in hospitality industry: Motel 6 43 years; Rode-way Inn 55 years, Hotel Inn 41 years, Joie De Vivre 88 years, Courtyard San Francisco 14 years, Mithila 85 years and the luxury Fairmont Heritage 7years. Motel 6 94109-7217 faces proximity competition based on the six companies zip codes: Fairmont Heritage 94109-1192; Joie De Vivre 94109-5817; Holiday Inn Golden 94109-4606; Mithila 94109-6025 and Rodeway Inn 94109-7711. Apart from the 6 rival companies sharing the same locality, they all participate in the STAR report Motel 6 #8089; Rhodeway Inn #5617; Mithila #58885; Joie de Vivre #11872; Holiay Inn #184, Fairmont Heritage #58922 and Courtyard Downtown #42679 (SFTA 2014).
The companies also have close proximity to San Francisco International airport making poaching for clients challenging Motel 6 9.1 miles; Courtyard Downtown 5 miles; Joie De Vivre 12 miles; Rode-way Inn 12 miles; Mithila 14.1 miles; Fairmont Heritage 15 miles and Holiday-Inn Golden 16 miles. The companies also have competitive services and prices which influence Motel 6 performance. Their standard lodging rates include Motel 6 $131 per night; Mithila Hotel $80 per night; Rode-way $99 per night; Courtyard Downtown $149 per night; Holiday Inn $184 per night; Joie De Vivre $215 per night and Fairmont Heritage $474 per night (SFTA 2014).
San Francisco Travel Association. (2014). Why San Francisco? Retrieved on 10th April 2015 from: Read More
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