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The paper “Sports Tourism: the Key Principles of Successful Proposal” examines an effort to increase the capacity to host and attract sports events. Many communities have established specific sport tourism infrastructures to take a planned and strategic approach to competing more effectively…
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Sport Tourism: the Key Principles of Successful Proposal
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Sport Tourism: the Key Principles of Successful Proposal
Sport tourism is any activity in which people become attracted to a particular location as event spectator, event participant, business meeting or to attend sport attractions. As consciousness grows about how sport tourism can contribute considerably to a host community, the appeal and hosting of sport events and related activities is getting increasingly sophisticated, tactical and strategic pursuit (Hinch & Higham, 2011). As a result, in an effort to increase the capacity to host and attract sport events, many communities have established specific sport tourism infrastructures to take a planned and strategic approach to compete more effectively in this marketplace. Therefore, this description seeks to propose a sport event set in Toronto to boost sport tourism.
Request for Proposal
Prior to getting legal permission, the proposal wishes to engage Canadian Chamber of Commerce as the chief audience. This is in order to facilitate a coordinated sport tourism model including active solicitation of sport events. On the same note, it will act as link in identification of tourism opportunities which include development of business with community partnership. This will enable development of a solid market platform through impactful and consistent messaging, provision of inventory of the best practices of hosting and identification of potential risks that will offer strategies that will put city in a major position to compete for major sporting activities (Nickson, 2012).
Programs to Boost Interest
To help boost sports tourism the concerned officials in collaboration with the chamber of commerce and sponsors will be highlighting the country's favorite "cultural games" to attract both foreign and local tourists especially the incentives, meetings, conferences and Exhibition market to take part in preserving Canadian culture through recreation and games.
One of the major contributing aspects includes a place for food. In this regard, resorts/hotels around the venue where sports will be held will have ample, spacious rooms and restaurants as these add more flavor to the usual facilities offered in the hotel. A cultural center will be set up with food service to all people from all over the world that would like to keep their tastes homely. This helps boost market interest; at the same time heighten the destination's advantage in sports tourism. Still the resorts should finalize some specific games that will be included in its exceptional "cultural games" package, to ensure full support to the participants.
In order to develop the fan, much focus will be put on attendance to ensure the arena remains sporty. Procedures and initiatives will be developed to ensure that the highest level of customer care services to fans is adhered to. There will also be maintenance and establishment of positive relationships with all partner organizations operational departments and to sustain a consistent approach to fan experience across the company and increase customer service levels at all touch points within the arena (Sandvoss, 2005).
On the other hand, physical location should entail clearly stipulated dates of the tournaments, main contact address, clear map of the site, description of typical weather and distance from the airports and sea ports to the arena.
As reviewed in the introduction section, the key principles of successful proposal bid is to clearly point out the strengths and competitive advantages of the audience and host community as frequently as possible, strategically continuing with this messaging during the bid document. This section therefore provides a final opportunity to clearly demonstrate and present to the rights holder a summary of why the hosting of the event should be kindly awarded.
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Nickson, D. (2012). Bids, Proposals and Tenders. New York: BCS, The Chartered Institute.
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