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The author tells how he/she with the colleagues developed a system whereby it would be simply easy to test for diabetes, pre-diabetes or people who have to suffer from diabetes complication. The information included therein contains every procedure and the test device used to test for diabetes.   …
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Entrepreneurship: Patent
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Entrepreneurship- Patent Diabetes is a serious degenerative disease claiming the lives of many people across the globe. In the US alone, it is estimated that 18 million people suffer from either diabetes type 1 or type 11 and close to 5 million people do not know they suffer from the disease. The symptoms are not severe or maybe not recognizable at all not at least for ten years. The degenerative nature of the disease has worsened the situation as, by the time most people realize, the cells regulating hyperglycemia have already deteriorated.
These growing cases of Diabetes have been a motivating factor towards the development of this instrument that can enable one to test or pre-test for diabetes. It works a great deal in detecting cases of diabetes to those who show no symptoms towards the disease. 
In this regard, the information remains the intellectual property of the original owners according to US Patent rights. The information contained in the file named under, “METHODS FOR DETECTING PRE-DIABETES AND DIABETES USING DIFFERENTIAL PROTEIN GLYCOSYLATION”, Application and Publication Number US 13/457,225 & US20120214179 A1 respectively is the property of the inventor.
This is the cutting edge as the owners’ claims exclusive rights towards an improved diabetes testing system.   Read More
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Entrepreneurship: Patent Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 301 Words.
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