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IKEA is a company that is focused on providing home furnishings and accessories that are functional and of good design such that several people can afford them. The corporate value of the company is to provide quality products while improving the quality of life.
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IKEA Question IKEA is a company that is focused on providing home furnishings and accessories that are functional and of good design such that several people can afford them. The corporate value of the company is to provide quality products while improving the quality of life.
Question 2
List of stakeholders
1. Customers
2. Raw materials suppliers
3. Employees
4. Investors
Maryanne Barner needs to consider additional stakeholders. These are:
1. local community
2. Government and private investors
To prioritize stakeholders entails determining their interests and their contribution in the company.
Question 3
IKEA’s management is strongly focused on the provision of quality lifestyle for all individuals. As such, its corporate social responsibility aims at improving the quality of life in society.
Question 4
The significant problem in IKEA is that the company is facing challenges on social shift as the technological innovations occur at a rapid rate. As such, the company does not have an effective ground for consumer assessment and needs identification to ensure that diversification of consumer products occurs successfully.
Question 5
The immediate action is to adopt a strategy for success improvement (Ghani 2). Such is because the strategy for business processes improvement will create a framework for improving the organization performance. The option has the impact of satisfying stakeholders because they will have a chance to see the process of business growth and expansion.
Question 6
The action is to streamline the procedure of Rangan Exports. Such is vital to ensure that consumers obtain the goods in good condition, as well as comprehend the buying behavior of customers. Export procedures have to be effective for success to be obtained at all times in business activities of the company.
Question 7
The company should modify the strategy and join RugMark. Such will ensure that it has the opportunity of leveraging on better labor standards for its business activities.
Works Cited
Ghani, Umair. IKEA CASE. Business cases, 2010. Read More
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