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In the paper “Set of social practice” the author analyzes both ethical and social excellence for the well-being of the business. He articulates that ethical reasoning plays an important role in shaping human character whose results are measured by the level of excellence…
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Set of social practice
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Set of social practice
Like any other social phenomena, we can acknowledge that business is a set of social practice. In any business organization, managers must strive to ensure both ethical and social excellence for the well-being of the business. Hence, we can articulate that ethical reasoning plays an important role in shaping human character whose results are measured by the level of excellence. Business ethics ensures that all stakeholders involved can relate well to each other at all levels of engagement.
However, business ethics is characterized by a number of issues. To start with, there has been a lot of controversy on different issues. For instance, Milton Friedman who was a great economist argued that the social responsibility of any business is to make and maximize profits. He denies that any business has an obligation to the society other than to shareholders and the government. Secondly, there is the issue ethical reasoning in the general practice. Business persons are obligated to making morally upright decisions while respecting the interest of government and shareholders. Everyone is free to develop rational decisions and moral capabilities.
Further, integrity also plays an important role especially in this era of technological advancements. The parties involved should ensure uphold their integrity in order to win the trust of their partners. This comes in hand with truth telling in any circumstance where we are answerable or faced with any challenge. We can all acclaim that trust help to strengthen our relationship with our business partners. Hence, all these aspects should be taken into consideration. Read More
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Set of Social Practice Book Report/Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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