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Staffing Plan for a Growing Business - Research Paper Example

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Even though, DotCom Daycare is a small business I will give all the necessary information that will outline the right amount of employees that have the required knowledge, skills and ability (KSA)…
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Staffing Plan for a Growing Business
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Download file to see previous pages 2011). The two models are crucial to the success as well as future growth of DotCom Daycare centre. The staffing level will direct me so that I avoid overstaffing. It will also guarantee that I am not suffering from high costs that result from having the facility filled with employees who just sit around with less or nothing to do. In addition, it will guide me from understaffing, which will affect my employees because they will be stressed and overworked. This will cause my productivity to suffer, causing my business to lose great customers as well as employees, which eventually would hinder the achievement and success of the business. In order for the business to expand in the future, I am obliged by regulations of Maryland to obtain a bigger facility, and utilize the extra members of staff to accommodate my expansion in business. The expansion of the business requires me to employ five After-School Assistants, five guaranteed Daycare Professionals, one Office Support Paraprofessional and one Registered Nurse Professional.
The main reason for staffing is to align the characteristics of individuals and the jobs in such a way that desired HR outcomes are realized. The four most crucial points regarding the person/job match include: first, jobs are typified by requirements; second, individuals are characterized by their qualification level. Third, the degree of fit or match between the job characteristics and the individual, and lastly, there are indirect consequences for each match (Wilson & Bates, 2013).
Even though, both staffing models are critical to the success of Dotcom Daycare centre, person/match model is the best suited for the productivity, efficiency as well as the future growth of the business. Operating a business that deals with the world’s precious jewels (Children), demands that one hires well-qualified people who fit ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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