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It started functioning during the period of 1946 and since the start of its operations it is [providing both financial and advisory services to…
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World bank
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World Bank Contents Contents 2 Executive Summary 3 World Bank 3 Head Quarter 3 Operations and founder 3 Objectives And Mission 3
Member Nations 3
Products And Services 4
Projects And Operations 4
References 6
Executive Summary
World Bank Group is an organization that has been developed with the sole purpose of eradicating poverty from the face of the globe. It started functioning during the period of 1946 and since the start of its operations it is [providing both financial and advisory services to its member nations. It helps them in developing reforms and provides them with finance which helps member nations in healing different sectors of their nations such as the education sector.
World Bank
Head Quarter
Headquarter of the World Bank is located in the region of Washington, DC and is exactly located on the 1818 H. Street NW (, 2014).
Date Of Operations and founder
The organization has been operational since the year of 1946 and the two individuals who are responsible for founding the organization include Harry Dexter White as well as Lord Keynes.
Objectives And Mission
The organization is following two objectives that it wants to attain by the period of 2030 and these objectives includes the decrease in the number of people who are living below the line of poverty which is set at $1.25/day (, 2014). Its second objective is to attain growth of nations in a shared manner while increasing the growth of the income of the 40% of the people living on the lower end of the income line in all nations.
Member Nations
The total numbers of nations that are members with the group of World Bank are 188 nations and these nations include nations from all four continents (, 2014). Some of its member nations include United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, United Kingdom and 184 other nations .
Products And Services
The primary products and services that are offered by the organization are financial in nature. These products and services includes, providing of loans at very inexpensive interest rates or even at zero rate of interest (, 2014). The organization is involved in providing five different products as well as services. Its products and services includes Procedural Assistance in which it offers advice to member nation regarding policy issues, legal advice, advice regarding effective governance and others (Capannelli, 2014). Furthermore it provides advisory services that are reimbursable in nature in these services it provides advice and assistance to member nations in matters that may exceed the budget of the World Bank. The bank even partners with member organizations in order to provide them with research and analysis on different sectors of a nation (Capannelli, 2014). They do so in order to help them develop policies which can be used to attain sector growth. The organization even adopts the role of a coordinator between different donors such as the government and social work groups and while they provide these services, they even provide funds in partnerships with these donors in order to finance different projects.
Projects And Operations
There are various projects in which the organization partners with members organizations and provide them with advice related to the project and even provide funds to finance these projects. For example: one of the projects that the organization is working on in Pakistan is the project aimed at helping the government of Pakistan in making reforms in order to increase the rate of education in the region of Punjab (, 2014). In order to attain the purpose of the project, the bank is involved in providing cash remunerations, help establish inexpensive private schools and help develop school boards that operate in an effective manner. The organization provides the financial stipends to students especially to the female students along with free of charge textbooks and various other important elements that help them in gaining education.
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Capannelli, E. (2014). World Bank - Romania -. Retrieved 24 November 2014, from Read More
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