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Merck: Vioxx Report - Research Paper Example

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This essay analyses information from the public regarding the risk of using Vioxx. The company’s success in this sense emerged from the way its CEO assured the public of its concern for public safety over profit; how he assured stakeholders of the company’s stability…
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Merck: Vioxx Report
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Download file to see previous pages As it were, the drug’s release in the market supposedly was a major breakthrough not only for Merck and Company but for patients suffering from osteoarthritis as well. Although Vioxx hit the market with a thud, it later turned out to be surrounded by controversies which led to its recall from the market. Although there is sufficient evidence to believe that Merck acted in bad faith in marketing a product that it knew was harmful to the public, the way it handled the drug recall greatly served to put it in good public favor.
Merck was keen on seeing the launch of Vioxx into the global market and was sure that it would be a success story. No wonder the company launched a study to prove the superiority of the drug shortly before the FDA approved it. The success of the drug was rooted in the premise that it was associated with fewer gastrointestinal problems, unlike its counterparts (WSJ Research, 2005). Indeed a study conducted by Merck involving over 8,000 participants had revealed that the drug was safer than naproxen, an older painkiller. Essentially, those who took Vioxx experienced less gastrointestinal bleeding and fewer ulcers than those who took naproxen. Months after the introduction of the drug into the market, a study conducted by the Vioxx Gastrointestinal Outcomes Research study (VIGOR) team established that the drug significantly increased the risk of heart problems among patients. In the minutes of the VIGOR panel, it was noted that “…while the trends are disconcerting, the numbers of events are small” (Prakash & Vikki, 2007, par. 7). In this sense, although there was evidence to show that the drug was not safe for use, the drug giant continued to produce and sell the product as a safe market leader. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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