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Inventing a Board Game - Assignment Example

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The project in the paper is an innovational idea of a board game. The name of the board game is referred to as “Know Your Opponent.” This game will drive its scheme along Pictionary line meaning that it is a word generator session that emanates naturally from players mind…
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Inventing a Board Game
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Download file to see previous pages The target groups of the game board are industrialist, marketers, and start-up enterprises aimed at stimulating marketing ideas necessary for edging modern business competitive environment. I must emphasize though, the uniqueness of this new game model because playing a game like this promotes and brings on board the whole entrepreneurial idea.
There are several board games in the market but as far as the core innovation is based, the Know your Opponent game will revolutionize and alter existing game instructions. Of all tons of board games in the market, none can be compared to this innovation and its entrepreneurial concepts. Our approach has taken the core idea of a stratagem board game and building on that a slightly fresh track will eventually lead to transformational board game improvement. To facilitate the success on this project I work with a team of four personnel: the financial officer, the design office, purchase and supply and marketing panel. The finance officer ensures that all budgetary allocation and inventories are up to date whereas the design office formulates the board game prototype and clear specifications; the purchase and supply office ensures that all specifications to the manufacturer are met and ensure timely delivery. Lastly, is the marketing team works tirelessly to ensure our products are visible and sells in the market? In terms of a financing board game, together with my savings, I intend to approach a bank manager for a loan to aid in the launch. According to estimations, a sum of $25,000 will be enough to see off the project and sustain its entry to the market for some days.
The board game market is totally constricted, however depending on how successive the games sales and customer feedback outcomes, we look forward to developing new products. Building trust will put as at high par at meeting the customers’ needs and wants in the future through the development of new and desirable game products. Finally, the marketing strategy will focus on advertising this game as a fun, enjoyable game rather than approaching it in an educational way. Packaging, promotion, and product development will cover the strategy required to accomplish. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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