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Strategies in Multinational Development - Assignment Example

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The paper “Strategies in Multinational Development” evaluates contacts, which can be developed by a business manager traveling to their target export destinations, where they are set to meet foreign buyers and representatives; for business discussions and make identifications, evaluation, and signing of business deals…
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Strategies in Multinational Development
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Extract of sample "Strategies in Multinational Development"

Download file to see previous pages It should be noted that success is only realized when the business is conducted internationally, in a self-directed manner by simply filling normal orders. It will be the growth of this business that places it in a better position for more orders and therefore gains prosperity in the international business world. There are however barriers to this success, and this is in terms of the export market where if not researched on well, the manager might end up unsuccessful in case the product they want to distribute has no market internationally. Inadequate resources can also be a hindrance, as external support is of a great need for one to go through this successfully. The culture of a particular country too is a barrier, as some countries attach beliefs to some products and ignorance, in this case, can be quite an issue. China for instance associates watches with death, therefore such products in that country are not welcome.
3. The internet is widely known to be informative in diverse fields that one would want to research on. When it comes to internationalizing businesses, a manager can be able to find out about the export market; in terms of what products are acceptable in that particular country of choice, their demand, and also get to find representatives in the export market that are to be of help in terms of conducting their business. It, therefore, in this case, saves on the time that would have been used in traveling to one’s country of interest. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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