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Answer the questions using the excerpt reading provided at the link in the instructions: Read Full Instructions - Book Report/Review Example

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There is the concept of freedom in the context of free trade, where trade is supposed to happen without limitations as the phrase denotes, but in reality is really about large corporations taking away the traditional freedom of self-preservation from nations and communities…
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Answer the questions using the excerpt reading provided at the link in the instructions: Read Full Instructions
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Download file to see previous pages The role of the GATT and the WTO is to legally protect the large corporations in their drive to project their power and their capacity to make profits to the rest of the world. The aim is to legitimize their profit grab, through the mechanisms provided by the GATT and the WTO (Korten 28).
Given the relative wealth and power of Michigan in comparison to countries outside the US, the WTO might have the impact of advancing the economic interests of the state, by giving Michigan the legal protection to push for changes in other countries so that the state’s goods and services might be more competitive in those other countries (Korten 28).
If corporations are forced to put down money in real assets, they are forced to realize as much short-term profits from those assets. This means making those assets as efficient as possible, laying off workers and squeezing as much profit as they can, so that the local economy grows without adding jobs but shedding them (Korten ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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