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As determined by the analysis that has already been done, pay equity is crucial in arriving at a just society where there is no gender or race-based inequality…
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Employer-sponsored Retirement Plans
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Number: Lecturer: Pay equity policy I agree that the legislature should appropriate $75,552,000 to meet the costs adjustments in the pay equity policy. As determined by the analysis that has already been done, pay equity is crucial in arriving at a just society where there is no gender or race-based inequality. The amount is small compared to the injustice that some group or groups have been subjected to over time. The pay and compensation system should be uniform across job families and point factor. The amount of money, as has been analyzed can be spent only in a span of five years, after which when all necessary corrections have been arrived at will never recur. The compensation issues will have been put to rest. As a human right policy, it means that every individual’s contribution to the national development is highly valued and that this valued contribution will be equitably compensated. Moreover, for workers in the same job family, there should never be a huge disparity in pay and compensation structure especially if workers are employed under the same skill qualification (Human Resources and Skills Development Canada).
In the second question, analysis established that there is a violation of Equity Pay Act on policy-capturing. This is so because studies on the over three hundred job families, there was a disparity on the point-factor in the study found out that there exists disparity in jobs with similar job content features. Such features include the level and span of supervision, education level, analytic reasoning and experience. These features clusters job families into similar compensable factors that will be used in determining point-factor pay by use of relevant weight factors. Irrespective of this methodology, it was found that there is a disparity in pay and compensation in female and race-dominated classes. This creates biases that violate the Pay Equity Act as there is no structure that sets the maintenance of such envisioned internal equity. Even after employment there is no quantitative evaluation system of the job tied to a unified wage structure that will guard against subjective inequity from occurring. These include promotion and wage increment as gender and race-based prejudices sets in and prevent upward mobility of women and workers from other minority races (Chen, 98).
Specifically, the law, Equity Pay Act 1963 prohibits any gender-based discrimination in a work establishment. This is so for men and women who are working on essentially similar skill and experience. Congress, in its wisdom, contemplated equity if the job profile requires equal skill, responsibility and effort for people working under similar conditions (U.S. Equal Opportunity Commission).
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