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The paper 'Ketchum Corp Case" discusses that Ketchum Corporation used a number of motivational tools to promote the intranet system throughout the company. One of these motivational tools was including employee’s sharing practices into job assessments. …
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Ketchum Corp Case
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There were a number of strategies that Ketchum implemented to enhance the process of employees submitting knowledge to the information management system. A prominent strategy was the inclusion of assessment mechanisms on employee job reviews that examined their contributions to the system. Another strategy that was implemented was motivational strategies. For instance, an employee raffle was held to encourage sharing. Similarly, there was a document of the month section in the newsletter that encouraged the sharing of documents.
There is a KM term that specifically describes the strategies involved in the document submission process. This term is knowledge generation. In this way, the company is working at innovating processes related to the way that employees interact with the information intranet system in order to generate knowledge.
The motivational tool that was implemented was employee raffles. Newsletters also recognized employee contributions and even included a document of the month section.
The specific system that has been established in the Ketchum case study is an expert system. An expert system refers to a system where human knowledge is embedded in a technological process. In this way, the employee’s knowledge, including their autobiographies, constitutes a sort of expert system. Read More
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Ketchum Corp Case Assignment Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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