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The Worlds Largest Contract Manufacturers for Medical Devices - Research Paper Example

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The paper presents MDCM, Inc. as one of the world’s largest contract manufacturers for medical devices. For more than three decades the company had specialized in medical device contract manufacturing and assembly, clean room medical injection molding…
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The Worlds Largest Contract Manufacturers for Medical Devices
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Extract of sample "The Worlds Largest Contract Manufacturers for Medical Devices"

Download file to see previous pages MDCM is one of the largest companies in the contract manufacturing and packaging services sector of the medical devices industry. The firm’s success can highly be attributed to its close partnership with its customers that had produced tremendous customer satisfaction. MDC's record of winning over customers have led to its tremendous growth which allowed the company to expand and grow its geographical reach through acquisition within the country and now the company derived 40% of its revenues from eight of its largest accounts. Today despite the victory the company has achieved over the past decades, the evolving and unpredictability and high-level competency in the global market, the company had announced its fifth consecutive quarterly loss with net losses amounting to thirty-three million dollars. Despite the acquisition and expansion, the company was not able to catch up to the global capabilities of other competitors that called for changes in growth strategy. The expansions and acquisitions could not be realized since the company has let these companies operate on their own believing that by letting these acquired companies operate on the basis of self-autonomy to better cater to the local customers. Thus there was no unified system for the global MDCM Corporation that would have let it operated under one system of standard operations and procedures leading to a worst operating and profit margins. There was poor coordination since all other companies under the corporation operate independently that led to poorly controlled unified operations. MDCM Inc. falls under the quadrant, responsive solutions provider. In order to survive the loss that has plagued the company despite the business expansion, they have acquired a higher rate of changes in order to be competitive on operational efficiency to correct the internal maze of why the company experienced loss in profits despite high customer satisfaction rates. ...Download file to see next pages Read More
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