Emergency Procedures in a Suspected Plant - Assignment Example

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The reporter casts light upon the fact that in the course of carrying out work especially in factories and the various different plants that the cases of accidents are not a foreign thing. It is with the knowledge of the occurrence of such events that there is a need for developments of procedures…
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Emergency Procedures in a Suspected Plant
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Emergency procedures
In the course of carrying out work especially in factories and the various different plants that are there cases of accidents are not a foreign thing. It is with the knowledge of the occurrence of such events that there is a need for developments of procedures or ways in which such situations can be handled.
Question 1
Assessing the situation in a suspected plant
In the event that a particular plant is suspected of having a chemical spill there are certain measures that can be taken in a bid to assessing whether the spill has actually taken place or not. One of the first activities that can be undertaken is putting on protective gear. This is just precautionary regardless of whether the spill has taken place or not. After this individuals with the requisite knowledge of the chemicals involved in the plant can the go into the plant and perform chemical tests on the physical elements in the factory, this may be air and any fluids or solids in the area. These tests should then point out whether there has been a spill in the plant or not.

Safeguards used
It is seen clearly that in the event of a spill most definitely hazardous materials will be involved. In this connection there has to be ways of safeguarding the individuals who will be responding to the spill. These are the first responders and the other subsequent responders. This will involve the use of spill kits which in most cases contain a variety of contents that will be used. Some of these include various kinds of chemical absorbents such as universal spill absorbent, bromine neutralizer among others. Others components include neoprene gloves, googles, vinyl boots and corrosive aprons among others.
Question 2
Disease transmission Modes
There are various ways through which diseases can be transmitted. These are the infectious diseases which can be transmitted from one person to another or alternatively from an animal to a human being. The responders should recognize the various ways through which the diseases can be transmitted and come up with ways that they can protect themselves. Examples of such ways include secluding the affected areas, putting on protective gear and also putting the affected individuals on quarantine. These will go a long way in trying to curb the diseases from spreading or infecting them.

Equipment to be used
In the handling of the diseases there are a number of tools and equipment that the responders can use to prevent the spread of infectious diseases. The most important among these is the respirator. This is especially used if the disease being handled is transmitted through the air. Diseases that are transmitted through fluids can best be prevented from spreading if liquid testing equipment is used. This will show the state of the fluids and whether there are chemical components that may make it not fit for consumption.

Techniques used to prevent transmission
For the various diseases that are there quite a number of techniques that may be used. Key among them is quarantine. This technique ensures that the individuals affected do not come into contact with other people who are not infected. Another technique that can prove valuable if used is that where the respondents are injected with factors that make them immune to the chemical components they will be handling.

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