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Bp America is considered as one of the worst companies in America as a result of the tainted image from its operations particularly the oil spill in the Gulf Coast region. There have been several unfortunate incidents that contributed to the slump of Bp to be recorded as one of…
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Companies domestic enviroment
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Bp America is considered as one of the worst companies in America as a result of the tainted image from its operations particularly the oil spill in the Gulf Coast region. There have been several unfortunate incidents that contributed to the slump of Bp to be recorded as one of the worst companies in America. According to its official website (2011), the company is struggling to regain its status after its image was tainted by the above mentioned spill. Basically, Bp is involved in the energy business and the main products offered are oil and natural gas. This company specialises in extracting crude oil, process it as well as selling the end products.

Bp is headquartered in Houston America and it has been in the energy business for more than 100 years given that it started its operation in 1889. The domestic environment of America has a bearing on the operations of the company as a whole. According to the Department of Energy and Climate Change (2011), there are certain considerations that have to be taken into consideration by the energy companies to ensure that they do not violate the set standards of operation. For instance, protection of the environment is given priority in America and there is a legislation called Clean Air Act which guides the operations of this particular industry.
As such, it can be noted that this organisation has to adhere to the government stipulations with regards to standard operations. The government of America has a bearing on the operations of this particular organisation since it sets the standard regulations. The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) is another regulatory body which monitors the operations of organisations that are involved in the energy business. If the safety and environmental regulations are violated, the respective company is fined large sums of money.
The attribute they are list admired for is related to safety and environmental concerns. Bp is seen as one of the biggest polluters in America and this has impacted on its operations. In as much as safety and risk management are concerned, this organisation is poorly rated in these areas which is why it is least admired by people. Research has shown that Bp has a poor record of occupational safety and risk management. For instance, eleven people lost their lives following the incidence of the oil spill in the Gulf Coast (Bp, 2011). This can be attributed to the absence of safety and risk management plans in its operations. The company has a record of incidences where lives of people were lost as a result of occupational accidents and this has significantly contributed to the operations of the organisation since it is negatively perceived.
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Companies Domestic Enviroment Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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