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Speculative Development Project - Assignment Example

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The Brunswick in Bloomsbury, London is being restored by the company Allied London. The development would encompass over 55,000 square meters which is about 6 acres. There was the question of whether or not the centre should be redeveloped…
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Speculative Development Project
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Download file to see previous pages At a distance it seems fine but there were the run of flats which were interrupted on the east side and a massive portico is provided which faces the axis of Brunswick Square.
Theo Crosby, writing an appraisal in the Architectural Review, remarked on the massive portico facing the axis of Brunswick Square. In the evening light the tall thin columns stand out against the chiaroscuro background. This feature focuses more on open space rather enticing potential users from Russell Square station. There are two proposals: Turn the Brunswick into an office space or into residential apartments.
If the Brunswick was to be converted into office space it will greatly enhance the environment in the public realm. The estimated cost of the project would be about 22 million. If we were to covert the Brunswick into office space the aim would be to:
The Brunswick is a grade II listed building situated in the heart of the Bloomsbury conservation. It is in the area between Bernard Street to the south, Brunswick Square to the east, Handel street to the north and Marchmont Street to the west. The goal of the project would be to honor the building's original intention while at the same time producing an environment that would bring about a newly energetic commercial life into the area.

Residential Space
If we were to convert the Brunswick into an residential area the express aim would be to "respect the needs of the local residents and business people but still retain the building's original architecture. Originally the Brunswick was to be a low rise development-a blending of the urban housing, shops and offices that would have provided a link between Bloomsbury square and the streets.
Due to the economic climate the building was never completed to its original goals, as a result long leases held by residents of the area were sold to the London Borough of Camden to provide low-income public housing.

Feasibility of Residential Space
Residents of the area has seen The Brunswick's potential, as a result many have already started to buy property. The flats have been snapped up. The flats have doubled in price over the last couple of years- a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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