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Information Management - Assignment Example

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Starbucks Coffee Company started its international operations in 1996 when it opened its first coffeehouse in Tokyo, Japan. To date, Starbucks has practically branched out to 37 countries with almost 3000 coffeehouses (Starbucks, 2006).
Apart from having enough resources, culture and government policy is ought to be considered in planning an international business venture…
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Information Management Assignment
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Download file to see previous pages Instead, the company's efforts should focus on other cultural matters.
Coffee is a universal beverage. As such, almost every country has established its own coffee company. Expanding a coffee business, as in all types of enterprise, in a new location would mean giving due consideration to the inherent culture of that area.
Understanding and talking the language is the first step to better comprehend the business environment of the locality. I believe that communication is one of the fundamentals of business. It took quite some time and research before Starbucks management made its final decision to open its first coffeehouse in Tokyo, Japan in August 1996. In 1995, Starbucks Coffee International forms joint venture with SAZABY Incorporated to develop Starbucks coffeehouses in Japan (Starbucks Japan, 2003). The partnership enabled Starbucks to be aware of the trading atmosphere in Japan, the attitude of Japanese towards work, and the locals' appreciation of sprouting foreign business in the area.
Japanese can also be categorised among the educated businessmen in the world. Education and stock knowledge of future partners on business and technology have to be considered, particularly those coming from developing countries where e-learning is few steps behind from fully developed countries.
The employees' outlook in work is vit...
3.2 Attitude
The employees' outlook in work is vital. Workers of different nationality also vary in attitude towards their career. Stuart Duff, Head of Development at business psychologist firm Pearn Kandola, compared workers in Holland and the United Kingdom:
"In the Netherlands research suggests that employees are more likely to seek long-term role security while in the UK employees will tend to look for more variety and changes in role through their career (Business Management Europe, 2006)."

3.3 Leadership Style
Leadership styles also vary in some country. Gender matters in some member-countries of the European Union. Business Management Europe (2006) talked to Colin Meager, European Executive Committee member of Integra International. Meager says, "Certain EU countries have a more formal and rigid management structure and this can be exasperating to those who are used to more flexible and informal management systems."

3.4 Economy
A country's economy is worth to be considered. Can the populace purchase our products Starbucks' target markets are the business class (traders and professionals) and the academe (teachers and students). These people abound in developed countries and going to a caf would be an ordinary routine. Whilst in developing countries like the Philippines, professionals as well as students from well-off families are excited to see international names among the cafes in the neighborhood.
Turban, Rainer & Potter (2001, p. 4) wrote that in a global economy, "goods and services are produced profitable as dictated by competitive advantages that any nation might hold (e.g. expertise with certain technologies or low labor costs)." Labor costs differ from one country to another.
Hourly Industrial Wages in Different Countries (in US ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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