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Business Decision Document and Evaluation - Assignment Example

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1. I have been asked to advise in my capacity as a consultant preparing a bid to build a hospital for the Mid Southern Hospitals NHS Trust. In this regard I have been asked to produce a decision document with regard to the number of and location of hospitals it is desirable to build in this district along with a brief indication of the function and services provided by each hospital recommended by me, an indication of likely costs…
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Business Decision Document and Evaluation
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"Business Decision Document and Evaluation"

Download file to see previous pages This is based upon a number of ethical considerations and leadership and "business scorecard" approaches to decision making which have taken into account all the exogenous and internal factors present here which should ultimately affect the bidding contract and the willingness of the stakeholders to participate in an activity which is profitable and ethical.
3. In my advice I have taken into account the special consideration of being able to foresee arrangements under the Private Finance Initiative (PFI) where the Hospital will be subsequently leased to the public sector/NHS.I have been made aware of the strong preference of our investment partners as to the presence of a single hospital serving the entire district in the interests of attracting specialists and for better economies of scale. However it has to be understood that the transport links across the district are not good with very poor bus services particular from and to the east side of the district. Overall it will be a better decision to have to more than one hospital. In the absence of that initiative then it is better to decide upon a site that has better access to transport and fewer access problems.

The decision document and its relevant considerations
4. Poor transport linking is the obvious problem with Site A (Old Colliery) which is a disused mining site situated in the east of the district. This is because it has been stated that the transport links are poor. This may be an economical site due to the low quality environment and the availability of cheap labour however this may not be worth the ethical issues which would arise due to the doubts as to health issues here. I have been made aware of the unconfirmed rumours that part of the site was used at one time as a hazardous chemical dump and the unhealthy environment around the site which lacks greenery for the safety of the patients.
5. Coming to Site B (Dams Nature Reserve) I have been made aware that the site has the advantage of being accessible and acceptable for the residence of the professional staff. However I have also been made aware of the fact that the nature reserve itself has been declared a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI) due to the presence of Great Crested Newts in some of the ponds and wetlands. I have also been told about the "Newts" and the financial strategy being offered to rid of these "Newts" with the involvement of the local area authority. However based on my personal ethics and professional values I would strongly oppose such a measure and although I would have chosen this site for what it offers I cannot approve of the means of procuring it.

6. The third site is the Site C: (Derelict Woolen Mill Complex) which is my primary choice for this hospital(s)l. This is primarily due its good motorway access here and the reasonable accommodation rates so the place does not become unaffordable for the poor patients converted into apartments. The only problem should be parking and further ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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