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Events Project management - Essay Example

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Contents Events and Event Management 2 Cultural Events 2 Leisure Events 2 Organizational Events 2 Personal and Private Events 3 Wedding Planning - Aims and Objectives and Stakeholder Analysis 3 The Skills needed for Event Management 4 Project Management and Event Planning 5 Event Management Plan for a Wedding 6 Step 1: Contract Signing 6 Step 2: Budget Planning 7 Step 3: Gantt chart 7 Step 4: Minute Details 9 Step 5: Pre and Post Evaluation 11 Conclusion 11 References 12 Appendix-I 13 Events and Event Management Events have been central to culture since the dawn of time…
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Events Project management
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"Events Project management"

Download file to see previous pages Leisure events are sports and recreational in nature; personal events cover birthdays, weddings and anniversaries; cultural events are heritage, art and culture and folklore whereas commercial, political, charitable and sales events come under organizational events (Shone and Parry 4). Following discusses the nature of each of these events in detail. Cultural Events Cultural events are usually organized to celebrate the history and heritage of a place. Although cultural events are mostly commercial, they may also have religious aspects. Cultural events have great economic benefits; however the main aim of cultural events remains the confirmation or celebration of culture. Carnivals, concerts and parades are some forms of cultural events. Cultural events create economic opportunities and recognition for a town or a city. They attract tourists and thus boost tourism in a place. Leisure Events Sports events and recreational events come under the category of leisure events. ...
ational events can be anything from corporate events, the anniversary celebrations of organizations, fundraisers, award functions, ground breaking ceremonies, business and commercial events to large government and political events. These events can be product launch ceremonies, conferences, exhibitions, award or other staff motivation ceremonies. In political and government events media plays a major role. These events are costly and are handled by professional event management teams. Personal and Private Events The personal and private events are special occasions one likes to celebrate with his/her families and friends. People like to celebrate their achievements and age related events such as birthdays, graduation, homecomings, anniversaries etc. with their close friends and family members. Among the personal events, weddings are hugely popular. In fact with the introduction of professional event management, wedding planning has turned into a multibillion dollar industry (Allen xv). As weddings are supposed to be the biggest day in a person’s life, wedding planning is done meticulously so that everything goes perfect on the big day. Some couples may have a theme in mind and some may not have a clear vision and require assistance from event managers. This paper presents the event project management plan for a wedding ceremony. It starts with the introduction of the event describing its aims and objectives and stakeholder analysis. Then the paper discusses the skills required to plan and organize an event and role of project management in event planning in the light of literature. Then a complete event management plan for a wedding will be presented. Wedding Planning - Aims and Objectives and Stakeholder Analysis Events vary a great deal depending upon the number of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Events Project Management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2250 Words.
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