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Global Supply Chain Management Name Institution It is worth noting that supply chains are an essential element in the business organization of any society. This is because it often helps in bringing the final goods to the reach of the final consumer. The supply chain starts at the producer and culminates at the final consumer…
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Global Supply Chain Management
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Download file to see previous pages It is therefore, of importance that all parties, that are inclusive in the supply chain, play their role to the best of their ability in ensuring that the consumer says safe. This ensures that all products that run across supply chains bypass safety and security measures instituted by the members of the supply chain (Nuttall 2013, p. 221). However, like it is in most cases, it is never done to the expectations of society. As such, the final product that reaches the final consumers is, more often than not, in a deplorable state in terms of safety with regard to human consumption. This is best exemplified by the case of horsemeat being passed off as healthy meat ready for human consumption. Such cases call for the restructuring of the pre-existing programs for safety assurance to be revised. The dire nature of the situation makes it an ivy issue to deal with. As such, this paper seeks to explicate on the problems charactering the current supply chain system, to provide solutions to these problems as well as investigate on how supermarkets should prepare on the breakdown of the supply chains. It is undisputed that the horsemeat scandal has had adverse effects on the economy of the United Kingdom. One of these effects is the ruining of the reputations of otherwise stand-up companies and corporations. Most of these firms have been on record for having worked hard in order to realize the levels of success that characterizes their business models. Given the much effort invested by such companies, it might not be order for all of this to occur due to causes such as the inadequacy of the supply chain. The economic impact of this horse meat scandal has also resulted following a reduction in sales. It is probable that after such a scandal in a food commodity industry, the levels of sales are reduced. In certain cases, the level of drop can be catastrophic. Therefore, meat supply chain has its associated challenges worth analyzing and doing so would help outline past mistakes for correction purposes. This will fashion an enabling environment for the complete overhaul of the current policies governing this supply system. A number of well-known brands dealing with meat products have been adversely affected by this horse eat scandal. This is done with the hope that the consumer patterns of shopping have not been altered to the detriment of this industry. It is highly probable that consumers have already decided on purchasing less of processed meat, less of meals with ready meat and a significant number are contemplating the option of indulging vegetarian products. It can be argued that the scandal has provided vital lessons to the government, retailers and most of the entire food standard agency (De Haan, Groot, Loo and Ypenburg 2003, p. 82). The chain of responsibility is however long, and each party must be ready to accept liability accruing from the scandal. It is not surprising that the overall majority of customers cite the government as to blame. It is imperative to note that food fraud has been in existence since time immemorial. Human kind has been adulterated foodstuffs to suit their own selfish ambitions to the detriment of the health of the unsuspecting public. Laws instituted to curb against this vice have not deterred these crimes. A cause of the continuing food frauds might be attributed to the ongoing economic slump. The rise of the process of food commodities is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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