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Policy Report Global warming remains a significant issue today which makes almost everyone especially from industry argues on it. Global warming alarmists have scientific justifications about the danger of carbon dioxide emission for the environment. They encouraged business persons to go for environmental sustainability and in return, the business industry responded by initiating risk management while also creating business opportunity over their efforts…
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Policy Report Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages The existence of these two arguing controversial ideas makes the issue about global warming not an exact science. Lately, this was the same argument used by those people in the industry that produces heat-trapping gases. The federal court in Washington lately declared based on Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA’s) finding that industry and vehicles which contribute significant amount of heat-trapping gases actually would also result detrimental impact on public health (Wald, 2012). This decision was able to make up the mind of some companies to block the rule of EPA as they argued about the controversial issue of global warming. However, the court dismissed the existing argument about the science of global warming and some unreliable studies related with it. As a result, the court promulgated rules or policies that would set limits on greenhouse gas emissions from cars and other stationary sources. Those who opposed this challenged EPA’s timetable for enforcement and even its target to have saturated effort over big polluters (Wald, 2012). Wald added that EPA’s line of defense on this issue emphasized the fact that it is not part of its rule to reprove whatever discovery in science that would come across scientific inquiry in the future. Lately, the federal government backs on this issue and even supported the decision of the Washington federal court. In response to this, there were fourteen states including Virginia and Texas which led a petition to block the ruling, while other fifteen states spearheaded by New York, California and Massachusetts came to support EPA emissions rules (Wald, 2012). It is clear that the regulation is now inevitable. The next challenge would be for congress to initiate action plan in order to ensure the implementation process to be efficient and less costly. However, the congress’s blow on this issue leads to the consideration of the harmful impact of EPA emissions rules on the economy as it would potentially drive energy prices higher (this would create strong economic impact, as oil is the lifeblood of modern economy), create joblessness, and slow down the US’s economic recovery (Wald, 2012). On the other hand, global warming issue and the existing argument about the exactness of its science would eventually remain a potential threat to policy makers as this would continuously become a significant source of controversial issues prior to their future decisions. As observed, there were more than one group trying to have essential stands or points on the environmental issue pertaining to global warming and associated EPA’s emissions rules on it. This issue does not only involve scientific matters, but it also leads to social, political, economic and environmental concerns. As observed, this environmental problem about global warming and emissions of heat-trapping gases poses remarkable concern about environmental sustainability. However, along the way, policies must be implemented, efficiently and effectively. Policy-making is not easy on this part as there are many other elemental things or concerns that need further considerations. Policy makers at this point must have substantial knowledge regarding group behaviors as there are varying groups ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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