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Globalization basically reflects the current economical and social situation. It influences us every day directly or indirectly. In the highly competitive world especially in recent days if the company don’t think and work globally they will not gain any competitive edge over others…
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UPS and Global Marketplace
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Download file to see previous pages The globalization has changed the world of logistics. In this paper I will be focusing on one of the largest logistics firm named UPS and will try to highlight on some of the key issues like their competencies, strategic transformations, customer-focused service and eco friendly activities. UPS in brief UPS is a process based firm and it was founded in the year 1907 in Seattle, Washington. It is basically a package delivery company headquartered in Sandy Springs, Georgia, United States. UPS is well known for its brown cars. It also operates its own airline.
The essential part of it is that it provides the product as its process. UPS is the leader in freight services as well as in supply chain; in addition to that they are the largest package delivery company in the world. They supply around 3.8 billion packages annually across 200 countries and territories. The company is also the global leader in the logistics segment. UPS provides the most fuel-efficient logistics networks in the world, by mitigating the carbon footprint indirectly. They provide services, expertise, consulting support and also the products to green the supply chains of their own. In the year 2010, each day the company used to deliver more than 15.6 million packages to a minimum of 1.1 million customers per day which represents approximately 2% percent of GDP. They offer high class integrated solutions to mitigate the challenges faced in the globalization (Kumar, 2007, pp.5-11). Globalization and the UPS strike A report published in 1995 says that UPS undergone a significant change in their management and started to follow strategic market management through which they were on the front lines of competition. The company grew from a bicycle delivery service to a digitally coordinated corporation by using several strategies like ensuring maximum flexibility while cutting down the operational cost. It is quite evident that it was just because of the workers’ loyalty and commitment which made the company to stand high but the problems occurred when the higher authority started to enforce rules upon them. The workers found hardly any variation from the company’s stereotype rules. The injury rate in the organization was growing high and the workers didn’t find the place safe enough to work. Due to the implementation of several strategies in the globalization phase the company was getting high returns but still the workers didn’t get any benefit out of that and got frustrated. Hence, due to these several reasons they stand against the company for a strike in the year 1997 and challenged the globalization (Kumar, 2007, pp.5-11). Some approaches of being global Though the culture of UPS has been tested many times but still it is their core through which the company is standing sky high against the pressures from competitors. They did not mould into pressure even during the worst economic times. They took many initiatives and approached challenges. They created a centralized process group, which is known as Program Management Group-Process Center of Excellence by which they can propose the initiatives after which it is evaluated. After the evaluation it is well approved and then measured. This is an effort to redefine the Strategic Processes of the organization. It also ensures that the processes are documented. It also provides the training in design and process analysis. It is quite evid ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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