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Foreign Enterprise Manage the JV Company with State Owned Background -Veolia Water's Business Model in China for its Long Term - Dissertation Example

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Foreign Enterprise Manage The JV Company with State Owned Background -Veolia Water’s Business Model in China for Its Long Term Success Abstract The case study on Veolia Water joint venture in China revolves around the factors that are responsible for the successful management between the Chinese states owned organisations and the foreign companies…
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Foreign Enterprise Manage the JV Company with State Owned Background -Veolia Waters Business Model in China for its Long Term
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Extract of sample "Foreign Enterprise Manage the JV Company with State Owned Background -Veolia Water's Business Model in China for its Long Term"

Download file to see previous pages The measures thus adopted by the joint venture entity of Veolia Water for the better performance of the company so as to fulfil the demand for water in China. The business model of Veolia water over the span of five years starting from 2002 to 2007 especially has been a remarkable one. This has led to the success of the parent organisations with respect to the operations carried out by Veolia Water in China. The performance of the company is a matter of great concern for it. This has resulted in the company adaption to the Competence Based Training of the employees, where the requirement of the employees will be first assessed and thereafter training will be provided in the area concerned. In order to detect more parameters in water the company has invested in the high-end technologies which in the long-run will benefit the company in providing adequate water supply in the country of China. The economic situation of China has attracted a lot of joint ventures and foreign investments to take place in the country. Through joint venture with the foreign enterprise the country has benefitted by financial capital being invested in the country. The job opportunities over the year have also increased to a great extent. Through this case study we can observe that Veolia Water has been successful enough in creating value by setting up of joint ventures in emerging economy like China. The company takes initiative in controlling the cost and the capital expenditure of the company along with the adoption of the sustainable value appropriation policies. This has helped Veolia to effectively design and implement the international joint venture strategies in emerging economy like China. The management of Veolia Water developed against the international joint venture in China led to the emphasis on the cross cultural management whereby the company had to respect the values of the local authority and the culture of its place of operation. So as to keep pace with the cross culture the company has implemented effective human resource management for the company which helps the company keep pace with the changing external requirements for the company. The joint venture has also benefitted Veolia Water in terms of availing cheap labour and the already available natural resources. With Veolia Water entering the market of China, the country gained in terms of diversified capital investment with the unprecedented opportunity to observe the nature of the competitive strategies in the form of joint venture. Thus studying the advantages and the disadvantages of Veolia Water in the economy of China we can make a comparative analysis of its effects on the strategies of joint venture thus adopted by the company. Table of Contents Abstract 2 1. Introduction 6 1.1 Background of the Study 6 1.2 Aim and Objective of the Study 7 1.3 Research Questions 9 1.4 Significance of the Study 9 1.5 Research Structure 10 2. Literature Review 15 2.1 International Joint Ventures 15 2.2 Chinese-Foreign Joint Ventures 16 2.2.1 Legal and Operational Issues in context of Chinese-Foreign Joint Ventures 19 2.3 Influence of Chinese culture on Chinese-Foreign Joint Ventures 23 2.4 Evaluation of Joint Venture Performance 25 2.5 Measures of Performance 28 2.6 Synopsis of Measures in Prior Joint Venture Performance Studies 30 2.7 Summary 32 3. Research Methodology 33 3.2 Introduction 33 3.2 Research Methods 34 3.3 Data Analysis Strategy 37 3.4 Research ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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