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Reading Recount Report - Book Report/Review Example

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Introduction In today’s economy, as never before, the need for an innovative leader has become critical. An innovative leader is the person who thinks (Horth, n.d.) strategically, analyzes the existing situation to develop the useful development plans. The leader knows the subordinates of the organization who can meet further responsibility and has faith in them…
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Reading Recount Report
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Download file to see previous pages Steve Jobs is a perfect example of an innovative leader of our time. He and his immense contribution to his company will remain as an example for all current and future innovative leaders. The use of power of innovation is the decisive factor that gives power to the Apple Computers Inc to be a market leader (Leadership With You, n.d.) till this day in the industry. The article “Recruiting and Selecting Leaders for Innovation: How to Find the Right Leader” describes in elaboration why an organization needs an innovative leader, where to find the leader, and how to determine if the individual possesses qualities to be an innovative leader and, at the same time, be a perfect match for the culture of an organization. Summary of the Article The authors of the article affirmatively determine that in today’s troubled economy only successful innovative leaders can help the company to recover and stay competitive in the market. Authors’ analysis is congruent with the case study about Steve Job. The case study says, “If you want to maintain your leadership, you have to be the one who’s constantly up with new ideas, new initiatives, all in the spirit of moving your organizational mission forward. In whatever industry you’re in, your constant innovation in alignment with your mission will keep you ahead of the pack”. Finding of an innovative leader for HR personnel is quite a challenging job. The article minutely analyzes different authors’ works about where to look for innovative leaders, how to conduct assessment of a future innovative leader, and how to determine who could be the perfect match for an organization. At the end, based on the analysis, authors provide a recommendation of methods and techniques to the HR professional for finding of innovative leaders. Finding of Innovative Leaders Options proposed by the article are peer referrals, professional societies, and social networking. Peer referrals (Acevedo n.d) is a well known technique for hiring. Many companies have an employee referral program (TechRepublic, n.d.). There is no doubt that this tool is remarkably useful (Sullivan n.d.). However, the article recommends HR personnel that candidates found through peer referrals must be fully vetted through selection process. A Professional Society data can help the HR recruiters very well to find a proper candidate. The use of information of a professional society for hiring shows that placement services data are valid and reasonably accurately measure the employment market (Forman et al. n.d.). The article recommends using this method for finding innovative leaders for organizations. According to the authors of the article, HR personnel using data of professional societies should be able to identify the key leaders and track their records. The article emphasizes the use of social network, though it is quite a new route for finding an innovative leader for an organization. Networking recruiting (Diamond n.d.) is becoming popular with the advancement of IT technology. The article also advises HR recruiter not to forget about his or her own organization and use succession planning for finding a new leader. Leader selection tools The article recommends HR recruiter to use Innovation Potential Indicator (IPI), Situation Judgment Tests (SJTs), cognitive ability, and biographical information to assess ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Reading Recount Report Book /Review Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 Words.
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