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Cross-cultural business issues - Coursework Example

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Cross-Cultural Business Issues Name Institution Affiliation Tutor Date Cross-Cultural Business Issues Several US companies have penetrated china as part of their globalization strategy. However, there are several cultural issues that can affect marketing strategies of a particular company…
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Cross-cultural business issues
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Download file to see previous pages Most of them concentrate more on basic commodities, and luxuries such as extra hard engines may have a poor market penetration. The national language is Chinese, and very few people understand English. This makes communication between the marketers and the Chinese nationals difficult. Translations from English to Chinese may lose some of the intended meaning and impact (Emery and Tian, 2010). Chinese people have a slow decision making and response tradition. They have to scrutinize every detail before making their judgment. The marketers take long before getting the response, which slows down the marketing process. Gender differences are experienced in china. Men are regarded as social figures of authority, influence, and respect. Male marketers are therefore more effective than female counterparts. Social relationships (Guanxi) are family ties, relationships with strangers, and relationships with familiar people. Marketers will be regarded as strangers at first. The Chinese people have little ties with strangers, and may fail to communicate with them. This will hamper effective marketing for the engines. However, these ties may improve with time when the two parties become more familiar with each other. Cross-cultural communication refers to the use of language during marketing. In china, the Chinese language is dominant, and a larger percentage of the population does not understand English. The marketing staff has to engage the Chinese in word of mouth. This occurs during discussions for customer expectations, satisfaction, and product quality. English marketers may fail to explain all engine qualities or collect all expectations from the customers. Translators are required, which increases the marketing cost and the process may take longer. Marketing also requires advertisements through billboards, television, radio, internet, and newspapers. The advertisements are in Chinese language or a combination of both. Translations from English to Chinese lose some of the intended meaning affecting the impact of the products on the consumers. The locals have to develop friendship with foreigners before they interact with them according to guanxi. Cultivating these relationships may involve dining with them or attending their social gatherings. This prolongs the marketing period (Emery and Tian, 2010). Ethnocentrism refers to reluctance to accept foreign goods. The Chinese people are reluctant to accept foreign goods, and the company requires promotions, marketing slogans, and staff training. Slogans used should not conflict with their beliefs. Staff training helps the marketers understand the culture of the locals to avoid conflicts due to different perceptions. Female marketers have to engage with the male citizens differently compared to the male marketers. Effective communication requires empathy. The two parties must try to understand each other’s ideas, feelings, and experiences. The Chinese people may be reluctant to share their ideas, expectations or feelings with the Americans. The company will therefore take long to understand the customer expectations, and the products will take long before market establishment. Cross cultural ethical differences have significant impacts on marketing. Gift giving in china is a sign of respect and business etiquette. The gifts however require careful choice to avoid influencing the decisions of the recipient. In such cases, the gift is considered as a bribe, ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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