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Quatitative Data Anaylsis - Research Paper Example

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Quantitative Data Analysis: For this purpose the research study of Obiwuru, Okuw, Akpa, and Nwankwere (2011) have been analyzed. The research study is on the topic ‘Effects of leadership style on organizational performance’. Research Design: The study conducted is a descriptive one…
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Quatitative Data Anaylsis
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Download file to see previous pages The study type would be quantitative; the researcher will circulate a questionnaire to gather data on the tested variables. This primarily is a correlation study, since the researcher is interested in discerning the important variables associated with the phenomenon. The researcher will conduct this study in a non-contrived setting because the researcher is interested in assess the working of these variables in a natural setting. Moreover, this type of study can be classified as a field study as the researcher will have to visit the organizations in order to understand the working of these variables. The survey tool used is a questionnaire that was developed by another researcher by the name of Bass (Obiwuru, Okuw, Akpa, and Nwankwere, 2011). Variables: Independent Variables: Transformational Leadership: this type of leadership evokes underlying emotions about work in the employees and motivates them to go beyond their current level of work. Transactional leadership: this type of leadership considers reward as an appropriate return for a certain piece of work from the employees. Dependent Variables: Employee extra effort Employee work satisfaction and effectiveness Employee productivity and loyalty. Hypothesis: Ho: there is no relationship between leadership style and organizational performance of small enterprises. Ha: there is a relationship between leadership style and organizational performance of small enterprises. ...
Tool used to measure the independent variable: In this research, the researcher made use of E-views software to understand the relationship of independent and dependent variables. The data collected was coded in order to enter the stats into the statistical software. Statistical Assumptions of Regression Analysis: The reason behind the use of this tool is to make a model of the variables of the study and analyze the changes that happen in a dependent variable when one of the independent variable changes. Linear regression also finds its utility when a researcher wants to use a predictive model to analyze an observed data set. Also a regression analysis is used when a researcher is up against a data that is linear, has a weak exogeneity, constant variance, and lack multi-co linearity. Statistical Results of the hypothesis: Transactional leadership Style: Coefficient of determination=R2 = 0.486445 F-Test= 1.8944 Transformational leadership Style: Coefficient of determination=R2 = 0.968929 F-Test= 109.144 Characteristics of the data: The data collected through the questionnaire is quantitative figures. Since each variable was ascribed a code after incorporating it in the questionnaire, therefore this data collect is in coded form and behind every code is a variable. Once data gets arranged in a tabular form, the codes are decoded and actual variables are substituted in their place to reveal the true nature of the relationship. Appropriateness of the Statistical procedure: Since the data collect has multiple variables behind it, which are defining the relationship between independent and dependent variable, therefore it is important to see the collective impact of these variables. So a multiple ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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