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Strategy Formulation for the Long-Term Care Facility - Research Paper Example

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Strategy formulation can be defined as making the right choices in any business organization. It is the formulation of a business strategy that gives an organization a competitive advantage over another organization…
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Strategy Formulation for the Long-Term Care Facility
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Download file to see previous pages The formulation of strategies needs to be implemented in the association. This is to guarantee that they are executed effectively. The implementation guides the manner in which the organization creates its discussions, actions, and decisions. In the U.S., there have been long-term care facilities that have come up in the past. They are there presently to serve the citizens who might be too old to cater for themselves. Their presence has enabled old people to get cared for even in their old age (Williamson, 2009). This paper will look at one such organization, and its strategic planning in the long term of caring for the old. Veterans Affairs (VA) is a United States government funded project that is present to cater for the needs of veterans. The project was started to ensure that post-war heroes got the attention they needed after serving their time in the military. Its main function is to provide for institutional and non-institutional based care for all veterans. Institutional based care is the kind that involves taking care of them while in nursing institutions. In the non-institutional based care, veterans are provided for and taken care of in their own homes (United States General Accounting Office, 2003). In a brief overview of their strategic formulation, it is pertinent to note that any organization needs a strong, if not perfect, budget plan to get proper funding. In the VA Organization, the cover they receive from the government needs to be outlined, and accredited. This is in order for them to realise and attain their targets through this funding (Williamson, 2009). The formulation of strategies needs to be realistic in order for them to get the response they require. In the event that the initial cover does not help realise their targets, they can ask for supplementary capital from the committee in charge of their affairs. Their strategic formulation is based on workload performance. Workload projections are what help the organization prepare a sufficient enough budget for its operations. The labour that is used to cater for the needs of veterans needs to be catered for in terms of financial security. The labour they provide enables them to get attention from the government in order to perform their functions effectively. The amount of care provided is crucial in the formulation of these strategies (United States General Accounting Office, 2003). In light of all this, it is vital to note that the growth of the VA is based on labour provided by the care-givers. One strategic formulation they consider is the proactive response they require to their immediate surroundings. The evaluation that is carried out in the organization on the grounds of maintaining the health of veterans is crucial in the running of the organization (Bascetta, 2003). It is keen on spearheading the maintenance, and awareness of good mental, physical, and spiritual health of veterans. The maintenance of healthy surroundings is a way of ensuring that they reach some of their goals. A goal based on creating a sustainable environment for all veterans present in nursing homes, or private homes. Long-term care services provided by the VA Organization are instructed by management, and the government. This ensures that every veteran gets the required care by the care givers employed by the VA Organization. The workload strategies that the organization has for its operations are very significant. These may help the organization in a number of ways. In one of those ways, the organization can cater to everyone at the VA society. Some of the alternatives it has in place are also aimed at ensuring the growth of the organizati ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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