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Planning for Opportunity - Essay Example

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Planning for opportunity Date Identification of the business opportunity: In today’s world of science and technology, it has been observed that the need for human resource in organizations/businesses is an understatement…
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Planning for Opportunity
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"Planning for Opportunity"

Download file to see previous pages Under such circumstances, those providing the products feel the need of continuously developing themselves and their companies in order to meet the increasing demands. The thing is that the professionals today need to be more effective and productive than ever before in order to achieve success, and thus, innovative techniques in order to deal with such an issue must also be identified (JSBM, Tang &Murphy, 2011). It has also been observed that B2B market thus holds a lot of opportunities for companies that provide training and seminar sessions as a service. This is said so, because a few years ago professionals who followed the self-taught rule were taken as an asset to the company, regardless. Now, however, jobs have become much more difficult and an untrained employee is nothing but a burden, especially when all companies are attracting trained employees from their competition. In turn, if the employee is not trained enough, the customers switch easily that impacts the sales easily, thus affecting the overall business (Barringer & Ireland, 2008). Thus, the employees in the organizations must be educated and fully trained. Not only that but they must be able to learn and relearn according to the changing conditions, as today’s world needs more than just a skill that can be easily acquired. The companies nowadays, need productive and educated professionals. This means that, recognizing this opportunity in the market for a company that focuses on corporate training is the best solution. The organization will thus be able to provide the organizations strategies, processes, and tools that are needed to succeed in the 21st Century (Barringer & Ireland, 2008). The business description UK TRAINCO is a company that provides training as well as seminar programs. The UK TRAINCO will be focusing on corporations and companies that are medium and large sized, and will be focused on gradually increasing needs for education in professionals from all areas of the various industries. UK TRAINCO thus aims to provide trainings that are result oriented in order to hand out expertise in the required area at the right time for the right person. The services thus provided by the UK TRAINCO to the medium and large sized firms will cater to training programs as well as seminars like time, stress, reading management, project management and many more. The programs thus taught will use various techniques in formats of seminars or training sessions. The seminar format with which the sessions would be carried out would be a set of presentations with the audience observing. As for the training programs, it would use the seminar format with various activities and having the audience participating in the session. The Market Plan UK TRAINCO is aiming to establish the business in the corporate market of the UK. As stated earlier, the target market consists of those companies that continuously need trainings as well as seminars, and are medium and large sized. The market will thus be reached through referrals, word of mouth (WOM), and public seminars. Market Segmentation The large sized companies are those segments which contain more than 100 employees. These companies have specific departments that handle the training and seminar needs through a specialized department and have the respective budget available. They usually need training and seminars for usually a specific departmen ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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