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Hewlett Packard Business - Research Paper Example

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Hewlett Packard Author Institution Abstract Hewlett Packard Company, known as HP, is an international company that has its headquarters in California. The products that the company deals with are mainly concentrated in the field of printing, computing, and digital imaging…
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Hewlett Packard Business Research Paper
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Download file to see previous pages Bill Hewlett together with Dave Packard started the company. The company derived its brand name from its co-founders Hewlett and Packard. The two individuals who founded the company had graduated together from Stanford University with enormous knowledge in manufacturing measuring and testing instruments. The first product to be produced by the company under its founders was an audio oscillator having the model 200A (HP Company, 1984). The product resulted in the innovations of the two individuals. The audio oscillator used a light bulb in an important portion of the circuit. The light bulb served as a resistor with stabilized temperature. The product competed effectively with other less stable oscillators in the market, sold above $ 200, but the company’s oscillator sold for only $ 54.40. One of the crucial early customers of the company was Walt Disney production. The movie production company purchased oscillators of Model 200B for testing Fantasound stereophonic sound while producing the movie, Fantasia. The Wired Magazine recognizes HP as the world’s first producer of personal computer in the year 1968 (Vermaat, 1996). Hewlett Packard called the personal computer a desktop calculator since; Bill Hewlett had the opinion that, if they called the personal computer, most customers would have rejected the product because it did not look like an IBM. The company became recognized world wide due to the variety of products that it provided. In 1972, the company introduced the first world recognized scientific electronic calculator. This handheld electronic calculator was known as HP-35. In 1974, the company introduced HP-65, which was a scientific programmable, handheld calculator. In 1979, the company developed the first alphanumeric and programmable calculator that was expandable. This was referred to as HP-41C (HP Company, 1984). As time passed, the company grew in innovations and introduced the first graphing and symbolic calculator, which came to be referred as HP-28C. Innovations later in 1984 introduced laser and inkjet printers for desktop use. The company also introduced scanners, used together with the desktop (Vermaat, 1996). These products have of late been developed to perform different functions together. For example, introduction of a single machine that can perform printing, scanning and photocopying. Hewlett Packard Emerging Products HP Company relies on innovations in order to create and introduce new products in the market. The company will always produce new products due to world’s demand in advancing in technology. The company has presently introduced slate 2, which is the company’s first tablet after it announced that it had no intentions of spinning off or selling its PC unit ( The new slate 2 comes with Windows 7 OS. The slate has a touch display capacity of 8.9 inches. The slate 2 is an improvement of slate 500, which HP released in 2010. Slate 2 has faster hardware than slate 500. The company has dropped the tablet’s starting price from $ 699 through bringing a cheap configuration of 32 GB storage in the market (Shah, 2011). The company has introduced the slate 2 worldwide; in the areas that the tablet has not landed, the tablet is going to be there soon. The coming years of HP’s tablets and Personal Computer revolve around Windows 8. The company will introduce Windows 8 tablet in the near future. Slate 2 utilization is based on Windows 7, but it is not clear whether there would be an upgrading with ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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