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Training Intervention in Podiatry - Dissertation Example

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Running head: Training intervention in Podiatry Training intervention in Podiatry Insert Name Insert Grade Course Insert February 11, 2012 Session plan The session will be divided into short periods that address different aspects: Identification of the learning style (4 minutes) Introduction to the session Target group Background of the workshop The learning objectives Interventions- discussions -Growing with the technological advances in the practice of podiatry -Improving on communication and interpersonal skills -developing a feeling of empathy/concern for the patients -Podiatry in the prevention of falls among the elderly Assessments - Short-term assessment of the session -…
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Training Intervention in Podiatry
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Download file to see previous pages This survey comprises twelve questions for each of the three categories, Visual, Auditory, and Kinesthetic, totaling 36. The participants will take a short period responding to these questions by indicating against each question the numbers 1 through 5 that best describes the individual. After that, they are to total their results to identify their best learning style. Nonetheless, the session will involve a mixture of the learning methods. Introduction The human resource department in a given business organization is often concerned with ‘the recruitment, performance evaluation, compensation, benefits, and career development of the employees’ (Duggan, 2012). There is a strong relationship between personnel training and development carried out by the human resource department and the achievement of the objectives of a business organization. ...
As a business organization, one of the main objectives is the provision of quality services to our clients in order to attract and retain more customers. This will ensure our sustainable development. A training intervention of this nature is usually concerned with an improvement in the performance, conduct, or the behavior of the employees. Such a workshop becomes necessary because there is often a gap between what is known and recommended as the right practice and the actual practice at the workplace (Duggan, 2012). The needs of the clients to the may not be met fully by the practices our professionals. The clients have stronger bargaining power in this context since the cost of shifting to other service providers is often low, in case they choose to do so following dissatisfaction. The net effects are detrimental to our continued operations. Target group This intervention will focus on the improvement of our performance and the behavior of employees. In this regard, the training intervention targets newly recruited employees of the organization. The receptionists/front office operators and other clerical officers are the main targeted audience for this intervention. Purpose of the workshop The organization has the vision of being the leader and pioneer in the effective management of foot related infection in the region. We have always struggled to be charming host at every event, attracting suitors from all vertices of the polygon. This has often been enhanced through an effective organizational culture. The employees of the organization need to understand and adopt the cultural values and norms. The office etiquette, dressing code, as well as abiding by other rules like time of reporting on duty are essential tools in the effective delivery of services in a ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Training Intervention in Podiatry Dissertation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 Words.
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