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Group Project for Project Management Class - Term Paper Example

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GROUP PROJECT FOR PROJECT MANAGEMENT CLASS Name Tutor Course College Date Work breakdown structure Management of a project is a complex practice that requires proactive leadership, skills and different tools and techniques for it to be successful. Without the techniques, the project can easily come to a premature end or will never solve the problem at all…
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Group Project for Project Management Class
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Download file to see previous pages In the case of Lawson time tracking system, the project has been broken down into various manageable phases. The first phase is project initiation and planning. Here the main activity that should take place is the project stakeholders meeting to form working groups and split the various tasks to the teams formed. This whole phase has been approximated to take fifteen days after which the project is kicked off. The second phase is a bit short and meant to prepare the whole process of system installation. The stakeholders are supposed to identify the resources required, prepare the required hardware and create a deployment plan. The deployment plan is a document that will be given to the stakeholders informing them what they have been assigned to do and the period they are given to do the same. This should be a detailed document to avoid any sort of delays in the completion of this project. This phase is supposed to take a maximum of twenty one days. The second stage in this second phase is system installation and testing. This stage is supposed to take a maximum of 374 days. It is the most critical stage in the process of system development since it also involves the system changeover. The first step is to install the software on the server after which the web applications are then installed. Care must be taken to ensure that all the security features and auto-update features will be installed together with the system. Security essentials are a necessity to ensure that the integrity of data and information is protected from unauthorized access. The auto update features are to help in updating the system platforms at all times to ensure they conform to the exact requirements. After the above is ensured complete and successful, the company data is installed into the system. The data installed include all the system users’ information and their log in verification information. Then a review is conducted on the checklist to ensure that all the steps are accomplished. This step is supposed to take 21 days. The second step in this stage is the testing of the installation stage. A test is conducted on the servers deployed and the general success in web application installation. After they are confirmed to function at the expected standards, the functionality of the user database is conducted. Here, the team is expected to check the security system to ascertain that user login safe and secured. All user passwords must be confirmed fed to the system to avoid denying any user access to his database account. All the errors confirmed present in the system are then fixed by the relevant personnel. This is a process expected to last 22 days maximally. A review on the inspection of the system is then conducted to signoff the whole process of installation. Work breakdown structure with estimated costs An estimated $100000 was to be used in the project. This was to cover for all the cost of all the phases that are in this project. When estimating this cost, several factors were put into consideration. The amount of both skilled and unskilled manpower that was needed for the completion of the project was put in place. The estimated amount is not distributed equally in phases because some of the phases require more resourcing than others. Phases two is to take almost 50% of this amount because it requires a lot of things to be put in place. First the installation has to be put in plac ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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