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Nothing Much has Changed: Days of Glory, Days of Indignity - Essay Example

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Nothing Much Has Changed: Days of Glory, Days of Indignity The concept of institutional racism is one which continues to prevail in today’s society and which leads those of different heritage into unequal opportunity. When watching the film, Days of Glory, there is a visual understanding of what institutional racism is and where it leads to the social, cultural and political order of the time…
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Nothing Much has Changed: Days of Glory, Days of Indignity
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Download file to see previous pages The term institutional racism is one based on divisions between ethnicities that take place at an institutional level. Schools, military, political forces, business and other larger areas apply the racist policies and regulations. This not only is based on the institutional forces that create the conditions for those of a different ethnicity. It also applies to the individual beliefs of leaders and the way in which they associate with racism. If a political leader or individual is in charge of a specific institution, then they can make claims or change the associations with other ethnicities. A structure which believes in the mechanics of racism and allows individuals to carry this out according to their own terms are associated with the definition of institutional racism. The term and the context of institutional racism originated with various exchanges and interchanges among the various institutional forces. ...
This leads into how the institutional setting and the beliefs of the military begin to affect the belief systems of individuals not directly relating to this. The cooks, post office, political leaders and others that are directly or indirectly associated with the military begin to carry the same beliefs. Institutional racism, specifically from this film, then develops an image that all that is Arab and African should not be included in the institution. This spreads to individual belief systems and develops overall treatment from society and the culture that this is the correct way to treat others which are fighting in the military. The definition of institutional racism then is one which creates a belief system of exclusion by an entire culture or society. The definition of institutional racism is further defined through the film “Days of Glory,” specifically in educating many about the concepts of ethics in terms of equality and diversity from an organizational level. This is shown first by the approach taken by the military as the institution in recruiting Africans specifically to save the French. The Africans are not given credit and are placed in the institution to work as individuals that will give their life, as opposed to being able to fight. This is followed by unequal treatment that is accepted by the institution, including refusing to give Africans proper food and treatment and not acknowledging that they are fighting for the same country (Bouchareb, 2006: 1). The institutional racism then becomes identified by both the lack of care and recognition given at an institutional level as well as the acceptance and support of ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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