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Virtual Organizations and Simulation Exercises Needs Document - Assignment Example

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Professor … 26 November 2011 Virtual Organizations and Simulation Exercises Needs Document The Kudler Fine Foods is a gourmet stores firm, with three shop locations that sell various all day food and drinks, such as bakery, pastry, dairy products, Condiments, meat and seafood and packaged food…
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Virtual Organizations and Simulation Exercises Needs Document
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Download file to see previous pages Those can be divided into three separate categories, based on their content and purpose: The ordering process functions, the website functions and the decision making functions. The ordering functions of the system must provide the full flow of a customer order from the time it is requested by the customer to the sales person, until the final bill issuance. The sales person must be able to register the order of the customer, and pass it via the shop’s wireless network to the order preparation room. Order preparation personnel will receive the order and start preparing all items included in it. At the same time items will inform an items inventory database which has to be maintained. Sales person in charge of the order must be informed with a message when the order is ready in order to fetch it and deliver it to the customer. In that way no time will be missed at all as the sales person can be busy with many orders in parallel. At the time when the customer asks for the bill, sales person sends a message to the central computer system. The receipt is automatically printed and is delivered to the customer, so that the waiting time for bill issuance is minimal. The items inventory database will keep statistics about the item preferences of the customers per area and/or customer group and help in decision making. In that way, important conclusions will be possible to be drawn by the analysis of the items data by the firm managers, that will help in the decision making process. For instance, the items information can be aggregated by shop location, by season, by customer target group and age, leading to very important marketing decisions. In addition, inventory database will be used for on-time replenishment of the items from the external wholesale vendors of the firm. (Inventory control). In that way, the continuous replenishment of all the items at the shop will be guaranteed, and the possibility of items shortage that could cause customer complaints will be minimized. The website application of the restaurant ( must display information such as shops location, chef and staff profile, and items menu. A dynamic update of the content must be possible to be made at any time by shop manager (to add the menu of the day, special offers etc). The customer must be able to pre-order specific items so that they are ready when he arrives at the shop. In addition the system must provide to the customer an estimation of the time that will take from the moment that he enters the shop until he is served, based on the day and time of the order, and on statistical data that will be maintained by shop manager. (e.g. time to serve could vary from 5 minutes on a regular day to 20 minutes on weekends). Customers should be able to contact the shop for leaving suggestions, feedback or any complaints. Application must support automatic and custom message sending to customers (Happy birthday, season’s greetings, promotions, events etc). Use Cases The Use cases of the above functional requirements are presented below. Use case: Submit order Customer orders, sales person inserts the order in system, order is sent to preparation room, preparation room employee receives and prepares order, order items inventory is reduced. Use case: Order delivery and payment Preparation room employee sends message that order is ready, sales person receives message, sales ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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