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Seismic Base Isolation Technology From Okumura Corporation - Research Proposal Example

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The paper "Seismic Base Isolation Technology From Okumura Corporation" discusses that Platinum Builders Inc. will have the advantage of an already established source in Okumura Corporation from where it can source more devices and supply to the rest of such companies…
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Seismic Base Isolation Technology From Okumura Corporation
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Extract of sample "Seismic Base Isolation Technology From Okumura Corporation"

Download file to see previous pages Construction companies are required to meet building specifications by authorities to ensure safety in times of seismic activity. This threat to business may be transformed into an opportunity to achieve and maintain market leadership by Platinum Builders Inc. through importation of the best technology against seismic activity; base isolation devices, from Okumura Corporation in Japan. The challenges that exist in international trade especially in terms of communication and legal considerations are all surmountable. Base isolation devices from Okumura Corporation are of high quality and meet the accreditation standards in Japan hence they are safe for import. They assure safety, low insurance charges and continuity in businesses and livelihoods; qualities that a construction company should aim to be associated with. It is recommended therefore that Platinum Builders Inc. seizes this opportunity to develop into an industry leader in construction.
Leading companies strategically position themselves to achieve and maintain market leadership through SWOT analyses. Spotting opportunities for growth in the environment is an important aspect of business strategy especially in the construction industry where differentiation and overall cost leadership may be difficult to achieve in the bid to generate and maintain the competitive advantage. Platinum Builders Inc. may, however, find that an analysis of its threats presents an opportunity for growth when an international perspective is drawn into consideration. Background: Platinum Builders Inc. and the California Constructions Industry Outlook The outlook of the building construction industry in California tends to incline towards considerations of seismic activity in the construction of structures. This is understandable considering the fact that the State of California lies in a region that is earthquake prone. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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An Opportunity for Platinum Builders Inc. To Import Seismic Base Essay.
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