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Man Power Staffing Agency and Their Knowledge Sharing Practices - Research Paper Example

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Man Power Staffing agency and their knowledge sharing practices Table of Contents Manpower Staffing Agency- Company Background 3 Knowledge Sharing practices in Manpower Staffing Agency 4 Discussion of how the company can be improved through the use of knowledge sharing practices 5 Reference 7 Manpower Staffing Agency- Company Background Manpower Staffing Agency, based in USA is considered to be a world leader in the fields of recruitments and staffing for organizations…
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Man Power Staffing Agency and Their Knowledge Sharing Practices
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Download file to see previous pages The commitment towards producing a positive impact on the society and individuals accounts for an extension of the company’s values. The company shares its expertise and knowledge for the development of sustainable workforce practices. The company’s catering to the manpower requirements in organizations is one of the best in the industry. It has attained great efficiencies in filling business positions or even filling large workforces in the industries. This is done not only through temporary staffing, but also by permanent placements. It solves the staffing problems in organizations through its customized recruitment plans. Besides presenting its staffing solutions, Manpower also contributes tremendous efforts towards training and developmental activities. It thrives on quality and its training programs account for its main component of its knowledge sharing practices. Apart from its training and developmental activities Manpower also devises other strategic human resource management practices for firms. Its strategy tips are provided through strategic alliances and contacts and other industry professionals. The project seeks to make an analysis of the knowledge sharing practices that it can implement. Based on the practices, the project would highlight on how the strategies would be effective in aligning with the organizational goals and objectives. Knowledge Sharing practices in Manpower Staffing Agency Among the most prominent knowledge sharing services that the company could implement is to provide companies with innovative and creative workforce solutions that would help them increase productivity, enhance efficiencies and provide a boost to their bottom lines. It provides special advice to businesses for controlling costs and turnovers. Through the knowledge solutions that it has provided, Manpower would be able to reduce the costs associated with recruiting the wrong candidates in organizations substantially. It can provide expertise to test the skills and abilities of candidates before they are hired. This would benefit many organizations in terms of realizing time savings, reduction of turnover costs, and improving recruiting efficiencies considerably. It can provide solutions to organizations considering their sizes and workforce capacities and workloads (Manpower-a, “Control costs”). Not only can it help to influence the present working of companies but can also recommend strategies of how they can function in future given the changing environments and conditions. The other important knowledge sharing practice used by Manpower is the provision of training and developmental activities on different tools and skills. The organization could enhance its specialization through the provision of skill specific courses. Moreover it could diversity on its present training domain to include IT, healthcare, hospitality sector etc. The business skills that it could concentrate on could be communication, project management or even sales excellence. It could cover the critical knowledge areas in the above domain. This can be done using appropriate reading material, extending learning aids for enhancing distribution of knowledge. It is ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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