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Proposal Preparation and Ethical Issue - Research Paper Example

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Proposal Outline Overview: The following outline is provided in response to Request for Proposal SP3300-10-R-0020, a negotiated bid RFP solicited by the US Defense Distribution Center (DDC). The outline consists of a proposed response format for the critical sections of the RFP, with detailed comments on contractual, scope/specification/performance of work issues and ethical considerations that must be taken into account in order to develop a bid that has the greatest likelihood of success…
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Proposal Preparation and Ethical Issue
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"Proposal Preparation and Ethical Issue"

Download file to see previous pages It is critical to use the Standard Form 33, provided with this RFP, as this is the format used by the DDC in solicitation. No further ethical concerns seem relevant to the completion of this particular form. II. List of Costs/Prices associated with requested Supplies/Services This response component requires a firm/fixed price (FFP) regarding the relevant contractual line items, with considerations made for additional or follow-on requirements relevant to each section as provided in the provided form, especially as regards the Base Period of one year and the Optional Period of three years. Section B of the form provides instructions for completion of the FFP relevant to each cost/price center for the line items, as commented upon below. Line items are as follows: 1. Sixty Day Start-up 2. Stock Transfer 3. Phase-In, Distribution Operation 4. Phase-In, Contractor Furnished Equipment for Distribution 5. Facilities (with Option for Office Space) 6. Mobilization 7. Preventative Maintenance 8. Material Support/Other Direct Costs (presented as cost reimbursement/no fees) 9. Phase-Out (optional) 10. Reporting Requirements and Exhibits. The ethical considerations for completion of this component include an accurate representation of the contractor pricing considerations, especially as regards subcontracts, fringe and other indirect costs, and profit. All pricing considerations should be done in accordance with general government procurement allowances and should accurately reflect contractor requirements and government specifications, except where and unless noted specifically by amendment concerns attached to the bid proposal. III. Specifications and Work Performance Statement This section of the proposal response should indicate that the contractor has read accurately the provided work specifications and performance statements relevant to this RFP and should indicate acceptance of the said requirement unless otherwise noted. The contractor has a required ethical obligation to comply with both the stated work specifications and scheduled delivery expectations, and the reporting requirements presented in an acceptable format as determined by the owner/agency. In the case of this specific RFP, one possible concern that must be addressed within the response is the acceptance of the Quality/Performance Evaluation system listed on page 14/87 of the RFP. Contractor has an obligation to meet these requirements throughout the award period, stated as from award date through one year (unless optional three year period is negotiated). IV. Schedule/Delivery of Performance This proposal component requires a full response to both the required and optional periods relevant to the performance of work. The RFP provides for a required base response and an optional three year response that may be exercised if agreed upon. Contractor must state compliance capability with regard to both approaches. The ethical considerations that the contractor holds with regard to this section include a willingness and capacity to comply with stated fixed prices throughout the awarded period, whether the base period or optional period are exercised. V. Contract Administration ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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