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On any CEO - Research Paper Example

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Research on any CEO
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Download file to see previous pages He attended Cupertino Junior High School and Homestead High School. At Homestead, he became friends with Bill Fernandez as they same same interests in electronics. Through Bill he came to know Steve Wozniak, with whom he would later co-found Apple. After his high school, Jobs opted to go for Reed College, a private liberal arts institution located in Oregon. The cost of the college was extremely expensive but his parents consented to send him. He had to struggle a lot at the college. He did not have enough money to buy himself a room in the dorm so he used to sleep on the floor in his friends’ room. It was also at Reeds that he was attracted towards the Eastern mysticism and other different philosophical beliefs. Unable to bear the expenses, he eventually decided to drop out. In his own words, "If I had never dropped in on that single course in college, the Mac would have never had multiple typefaces or proportionally spaced fonts." He got a Job in Atari in 1974 which relieved some of the financial burden on him. For Jobs, Atari Company was an inspiration as it was the first video game Jobs had become friendly with Wozniak despite a big age difference. Wozniak had an idea of building a personal computer because he was unable to afford an Altair 8800, a personal computer kit famous at that time. ...
Meanwhile Wozniak worked on the better design and came up with Apple II. The Apple II was a computing device unlike the world had ever seen before. It had a color display and was compatible with a variety of different programs. Jobs knew that this product would be a revolution in the personal computers industry and he set out to find investors. A retired Intel executive, Mike Markkula decided to invest a huge amount of $250000 in their product and predicted that they would be a part of the Fortune 500 list within the next two years which did happen. Apple II was a huge hit and the company went public in December 1980, just four years after its creation. He was only 25 at that time but his total worth was more than $200 million. Apple’s existence however was soon threatened. IBM, a very renowned name in the industry was planning to venture in the personal computer market which could move Apple out of business if it did not come up with something new. Steve jobs started a project named Lisa, which was the name of the daughter of his former girlfriend; even though he refused to agree that he had fathered her. Steve Jobs however started to have conflict with the managers of the Company due to his volatile behavior and he was kicked out of the team that administered the Lisa project. As retaliation, he started to work on the development of Macintosh by hiring extremely bright and talented engineers in his development team. Although initially it was meant to jeopardize the Lisa project and the sales of Apple II, the Company soon started to depend on it after Lisa failed to make its mark in the market. Macintosh was a success for a little time but its demand continually declined. The Company was in a state of chaos because ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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