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Employee Motivation and Incentives - Coursework Example

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Employee Motivation and Incentives 1. Explain the relation between Goal, Commitment, and Performance Both employees and managers of any type of organization must move toward common goals or objectives. Goals are mainly established depending on what the whole organization wishes to achieve in the short term process as well as in the long term one…
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Employee Motivation and Incentives
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Download file to see previous pages Commitment entails doing one’s respective responsibility simultaneously with the other workers so that each unit or department complements each other in the entire work process; making a smooth flow of coordinated steps that will lead to the accomplishment of a particular goal (Dess et al, 2010: 24-25). Realizing goals likewise needs good employee performance. It is significant that the goals envisioned are inspiring enough to motivate workers to do their job well and to give their best at work. Therefore, all goals or objectives must be practical and achievable within a given timeframe so that even the simple clerk understands the effort involved (Dess et al, 2010: 24). 2. Are all native moods equal? If not, explain why. Not all native moods are equal because an individual has a different perception and reaction to certain issues and situations in and out of the working environment. A connection has often been observed between an employee’s mood and the different aspects that he or she has to deal with in the workplace. This includes doing a satisfactory job output, being creative and motivated; and responding positively to the task imposed of being a team player (MT, 2008: n.p.). While individual moods of employees vary, it is essential to consider that the collective mood or the mood of the majority of the workers at a given time and place will have a more significant impact for generating success for the company or organization. Relatively, moods are contagious especially if it comes from the top brass of the management, like the supervisors and managers who can either make the employees’ working environment an enjoyable or a miserable one since it affects the entire team’s spirit; thus determining the general attitude employees exhibit within the workplace (MT, 2008: n.p.). Giving employees positive feed back once in a while lessens the friction of passing on bad moods thereby enhancing work quality and lessening insecurities. 3. Discuss the importance of participation and its effect in increasing work effectiveness. Recent economic changes have opened the eyes of most business owners about how a company or organization must be managed. This includes the fact that the rank and file employees must likewise be given the opportunity to participate in management decisions about the wellbeing of the entire organization. In most large and medium organizations or corporations, the collective voice of the workers is often heard through the union. While smaller company employees tend to negotiate directly with their respective company owners regarding benefits and working hours. The essence of workers or employee participation normally depends on the economic and social benefits they will be receiving. Some firms offer their workers a stake in the company, which in an economic standpoint encourages workers to work better because they have some financial investment within the entity. On the other hand, organizations that cater to the social needs of their employees by giving them better job security or tenure equally give satisfaction in knowing that they still have a job tomorrow with a steady income to pay for their expenses. Hence employees are propelled to do their work well so the company or organization can achieve its objective in having better financial stability (Summers et al, 2005.: p. 2). 4. Identify an organization and study the punishment practices ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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