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Determine of stock exchange market listing : an analysis of Thai firms - Literature review Example

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Running Head: Stock Exchange Market Listing Stock Exchange Market Listing Stock Exchange Market Listing One of the biggest and foremost advantages of being a public limited company in contrast with any other form of business is the fact that public limited companies find it much easier to raise money for expanding the business, new ventures, investments and even for covering up the losses (Trapp, Desai & Buckley, pp…
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Determine of stock exchange market listing : an analysis of Thai firms
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Download file to see previous pages 355-357, 2000; Damodaran, pp. 97, 2010). Most of the public limited companies take advantage of their business form by allowing the employees to acquire the shares of the company. One possible problem with being a public limited company has its roots in the agency theory. In a public limited company, the principal, shareholders, or owners of the company hire agents, which are the employees and managers to conduct and perform day-to-day operations. At times, the principal and agent find themselves with conflicting interests (Ross, Westerfield & Jordan, pp. 13-14, 2008). Public limited companies have not only found a way to solve this problem but also to turn this issue into an opportunity and potential advantage. By providing employees with shares of the company, the interests of managers and shareholders are more likely to be on the same page, and thus employees find themselves motivated to maximize their shareholders wealth (Parrino & Kidwell, pp. 169-171, 2009). Quite clearly, other forms of business do not have the liberty to motivate their employees in this manner. This also explains why public limited company remains in a better position to attract qualified, experience and skilled personnel (Brigham & Ehrhardt, pp. 188, 2008). Unlike various other forms of business, the advantage of being a public limited company is that members or shareholders of the company have a limited liability. This also means the company has a legal existence (Clayton, pp. 25-26, 2006), which is separate to that of its directors, shareholders and other members. Unlike in case of sole proprietorship where the business loses its existence when the owners die and unlike partnership where even due to the departure or death of one partner, the entire partnership gets dissolved, public limited or listed companies continue to exist even if shareholders die (Clayton, pp. 25-26, 2006). In case of sole proprietorship, one person assumes all the responsibility of running the business, in case of partnership, the responsibility is on the shoulders of the partners and in private limited companies, a limited number of shareholders would take charge of the company (Trapp, Desai & Buckley, pp. 52-56, 2011). On the other hand, in case of public limited companies, many shareholders from different backgrounds assume the responsibility of running the business. This means that the company gets a chance to benefit from the ideas, skills, experiences, knowledge and thoughts of its shareholders, out of which the majority shareholders who directly take control of the business as the majority shareholders (Brigham & Ehrhardt, pp. 188, 2008; Plessis, McConvill & Bagaric, pp. 284, 2005). When a company takes up a spot at the stock exchange, it provides great chance to the company for brand building. Investors, critics, observers, experts and other stakeholders get to know about the company and if the performance of the company were good, it would receive recognition, praise, and promotion for the same (Posthumus, Basson & Olivier, pp. 355-357, 2000). Furthermore, it becomes more noticeable for the suppliers, distributors, and customers as well. Stakeholders can easily keep track of company’s performance and they would view the company as more subtle and confident as ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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