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An investigation into the impact of training on the staff Performance in Saudi Arabian Airlines - Dissertation Example

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Implementing new procedures in an organisation requires proper planning. Training the staff regarding the new compliances requires a thoroughly chalked out schedule focusing on the training and development of the staff members. The human resource of an organisation is the backbone of the organisation. …
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An investigation into the impact of training on the staff Performance in Saudi Arabian Airlines
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Extract of sample "An investigation into the impact of training on the staff Performance in Saudi Arabian Airlines"

Download file to see previous pages Saudi Arabian Airlines recognizes the importance of training their staff and has several staff training programs like- -Crew Leadership training. -Training Technical Services staff. - Training program for Finance. -Passenger Sales and Services training. -Training of new recruits. Aim: To understand the impact of training and development on the efficiency of the employees in Saudi Arabian Airlines. Objectives: 1. To investigate the current efficiency level of the employees in Saudi Arabian Airlines. 2. To investigate the roadblocks faced by the employees in performing their jobs in Saudi Arabian Airlines. 3. To investigate the nature of training and development required by the employees of Saudi Arabian Airlines to perform efficiently in Global scale. 4. To investigate the procedure and schedule required to be implemented to train the employees. Literature Review: Training and development of staff requires proper planning by human resource management. There are three methods of training that are basically followed by most organisations. The basic three types of training followed are Cognitive, behavioural methods and management development. In cognitive method the employees are mostly trained regarding the theoretical concepts applicable at work (Hall & Hughes, 1989, p.209). This type of training places more importance on theoretical knowledge required by the employees in order to function properly in their jobs. Knowledge about the company policies, laws related to the functioning of the organization (Martin, 2006, p.15). Knowledge regarding procedures followed by the organisations. Technical knowledge required for carrying out work in the...
The aim of this paper is to understand the impact of training and development on the efficiency of the employees in Saudi Arabian Airlines. This research will throw sufficient light on the methods that can be implied by the Saudi Arabian Airlines to achieve better performance from their employees. This research will help the Saudi Arabian Airlines to curtail training and development according to the need of their employees. The result of this research will throw insight on the nature of training that is required by the employees to perform better in their job. The Human resource department will become better equipped in understanding the difficulties faced by the employees. Employees will also feel comfortable in informing the HR department regarding their problems. The trainers will also understand the kind of approach they should have to maximise the benefits reaped by the employees from the training and development. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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