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This paper “Problems of Organizational Influence over Private Lives” will examine the issues that arise with such methods of monitoring in the workplace and will consider what is being done to salvage this situation. Today privacy is an issue that has many lobby groups…
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Problems of Organizational Influence over Private Lives
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Download file to see previous pages Privacy in this environment is no exception. Making the right decisions may depend on the situation, the time, and the individuals involved. The good of the organization should be the ultimate consideration to restrict or impose one’s rule over individuals in the organization (Duggar 2011). However, a line has to be drawn where an employee’s right to privacy is adhered to and upheld. Privacy in this environment is no exception. Making the right decisions may depend on the situation, the time, and the individuals involved. The good of the organization should be the ultimate consideration to restrict or impose one’s rule over individuals in the organization (Duggar 2011). However, a line has to be drawn where an employee’s right to privacy is adhered to and upheld. 
The Nature of Privacy In the many first world countries, the right to privacy in the workplace has been taken for granted by many individuals. In this fast-paced, modern, globalized market, it is next to impossible to have privacy while conducting business in the workplace. Everything and everyone’s movement is scrutinized. This is to ensure the organization does not collapse within its walls since there have been cases of sabotage within organizations. This is from employees who feel disgruntled by the manner in which their employers treat them (Levinson 2009). They, therefore, take it upon themselves to teach the organization a lesson. They might do this by giving information to competitors about the operations of the organization, which may give them an advantage. This is one of the reasons why organizations are not taking any chances with their employees. Social channels and advancement in technology allow individuals to connect daily (Awolusi 2012). While at the workplace, it is easy to communicate with people outside the workplace. Organizations are now taking it upon themselves to monitor the use of social media by restricting its use in the workplace. Blogging, the use of Facebook and Twitter are now restricted because many employers believe that the use of these social sites reduces efficacy and quality in the workplace (Awolusi 2012). To some extent, this may be true. However, it is not a reason to shut down its use altogether. Social media can be an avenue to be trendy; it can help to find out what consumers want and desire. It is a strategy all organizations should utilize. In the private sector, the issue of privacy is more widespread. There is little or no privacy at all in this sector because it is controlled by a handful of wealthy individuals. They determine the rules and regulations that govern the working environment, and they ensure these rules work in their favor. Privacy has become one of the most dishonored philosophies in the workplace (Awolusi 2012). It is likely that many individuals are aware of the monitoring techniques, but the majority is not aware of the pervasive nature of these techniques. Monitoring has become the way and life of doing business in many parts of the world (Awolusi 2012). This reason makes a lot of people become weary of the workplace and the techniques explored to monitor their movement, in and out of the workplace. Many employers take it upon themselves to violate these privacy clauses for various reasons. Legal liability, security breaches, and employee productivity are at the top of the list. If an employee decides to violate the terms of agreement with an organization through fraud or other unethical practices, their employers would be the first to know. This reason is at the top of an employer’s list because they are afraid of the implications of such moves to their organization. The use of e-mail to some employers is tantamount to electronic DNA, which may prove problematic in case there is a regulatory agency investigating a firm’s activities (Neil & Seganish 2012).        ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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