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The world of 21st century is a world of zero geographical barriers. The evolution and speedy emergence of high speed internet connectivity has played a major role in the process of eliminating the physical challenges related to the existence of physical barriers among the countries…
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Nikes Global Marketing Strategy
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Download file to see previous pages It can be said that the rise of internet and high speed data connectivity and transmission services in various parts of the world has led to the rise of multinational corporations, who achieve significant rate of growth in the business by entering new and foreign markets in emerging as well as established economies around the world.
Talking in these lines, it can be said that the rise of connectivity power has led to the significant amount of power transfer to consumers around the world, who increasingly look for high product quality as well as the ability to purchase highly branded products. This provided a significant amount of opportunity for Nike, a company with global presence and a series of branded product categories, whose demands are felt all over the world from various emerging as well as well developed markets.
Nike, Inc. which has a significant number of business subsidiaries in various parts of the world is engaged in the processes of designing, development, marketing as well as sales of the product. The product portfolio of the company comprises of shoes, apparels, accessories and gear, as well as a host of highly innovative products which are mainly aimed at increasing the level of physical activity of human being, while providing the motivation to compete with others on the basis of their levels of activity.
The product portfolio is targeted towards the individuals of various age groups and hence, the products are catered to the multiple segments comprising of men, women and kids. The product portfolio also serves the needs and demands of sports, clothing and gear related accessories for a variety of sports comprising of basketball, football, soccer. The product offerings of the company also include the requirements of running and training activities and requirements separately for both men’s and women’s (, 2012). The company because of its apparel and footwear related accessories, falls under the sector of consumer goods. Talking in terms of global presence of the company, it can be said that the company has presence in all major markets around the world that comprises of the markets like Asia, American, Europe, Africa, etc. On an overall note, it can be said that the company has footprints in 170 countries, around the world (, 2011) Talking about the market dominance, it can be said that the company is the largest manufacturers of sports goods, and accessories around the world. The company is also the one of the major sponsors for various sporting tournaments around the world. It can also be highlighted that the brand has multiple associations with various reputed sporting agencies around the world and because of that are often recognized as the official sponsors of advertising for various large scale major tournaments. It also needs to be mentioned that in the most recent times, the company’s brand image Nike is ranked at number 44, as per a study conducted WPP, which aimed to identify the top 100 brands of 2012 all over the world (WPP, 2012). Strategic Analysis of the Past Strategies are outlined by the companies of all sizes and dimensions in an attempt to cater to their target market as well as the target audience by the process of offering of their customized or specific products and services through effective segmentation, targeting and positioning of the consumers as well as designing a highly effective marketing ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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